Aiora Martín from Talavera, champion of the Coimbra European Cup

This just past Saturday May 27 Aiora Martin Carrichesfrom the Yamatotakeru Judo School in Talavera de la Reina, won gold in the 2023 European Cup in Coimbra. She started the championship framed on the most difficult side of the draw with rivals in the top ten of the world ranking but despite this a good competition achieving a place in the final beating all their rivals for the maximum score.

In the final, against the athlete from Tunisia Natjess HaddejiSeeded and number one in the tournament, Aiora takes advantage of a good ground action to score ippon and win gold. This medal is more than deserved for the effort he makes every day and for the latest sporting setbacks in recent competitions for referee decisions.

Jose Luis Martin Artworkone of his coaches and president of the Yamatotakeru Talavera Judo School, comments that “this medal is thanks to the daily work he does at the club, the work he does with his teammates, the IES Ribera del Tajo and the Valencian Federation for the great help”.

And it is that the CDE Yamatotakeru is celebrating, not only for the result achieved by Aiora but also for the results obtained in the National League by another member of the club, Gorka Sanchez Velasco. Gorka won all of his matches in the national first division and continues adding victories after his return to the competition. The recently proclaimed Spanish university champion continues his preparation for the Universiade to be held in China.

2023-05-28 16:31:23
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