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The Seville City Council, through the Governing Council of the IMD (Municipal Sports Institute), has approved today the tender for the works of the new Sports Pavilion of Seville East which contemplates a budget of 3 million euros and a term of execution of 12 months, counting from the award and formalization of the works contract.

This project, which will be carried out on a plot of 10,577 square meters located on Doctor Miguel Ríos Sarmiento streetrepresents a modern complex characterized by its multifunctionality, new materials that favor ventilation and natural light, energy efficiency, and above all, the application of state-of-the-art technologies for the practice of different sports with the maximum guarantees and experiences. of game. In addition to becoming the epicenter of sports activity in the neighborhoodthe project incorporates a viewing terrace with views of the neighborhood and a parking with capacity for 130 vehicles.

The new pavilion will have in its main space indoor sports court with east-west orientation and a dimension of 48×32 m. Constructively, a compact building is proposed with differentiated functions and itineraries for athletes and the public according to two different levels, which is translated compositionally and volumetrically into 2 volumes of which the lower one houses sports uses. The enclosure is projected in a way that allows cross ventilation and the entry of natural light and homogeneous but avoid glare and direct incidence of light on the players with a significant impact on comfort, climatic comfort and energy efficiency according to the climatic conditions of the city.

The configuration of the central space allows to accommodate different longitudinal and transversal lanes through different labeling and divisions that allows a definition of 3 different and simultaneous sports areas. The main field has dimensions of 40×20 m and will be used for the sports disciplines of futsal and handball. Other playing fields for basketball, volleyball and badminton will be included within it, according to the longitudinal direction of the court. The lateral band of 11.20 m to the north allows the deployment and occupation of 5 modules of telescopic stands with 250 optional public seats that are added to the 350 of the fixed stands until completing a capacity of up to 600 seats.

The building will also enjoy a large panoramic terrace located above the changing rooms and common areas of the building, suitable for multipurpose activities, from which you will enjoy views of the central court and which will be a privileged viewpoint with views facing FIBES. In addition to other equipment, The new sports center will have 6 changing rooms that facilitate the exchange of assignments depending on the actual occupation or capacity of users at any time, thus optimizing maintenance resources.

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