A League of My Own: Memoir of a Pitcher for the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League – Patricia I. Brown – Libro in lingua inglese – McFarland & Co Inc –

Growing up, Pat Brown had two dreams: to play baseball and to attend college. She was told she couldn’t play baseball because she was a girl and couldn’t attend college because she had no money, but in spite of the obstacles, she achieved both of these dreams, playing for the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League in 1950 and 1951 and going on to attend college. She is among the few women professional baseball players to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. “”As the only former AAGPBL player to have written about the League,”” Brown says, “”I feel like I have finally pitched my no hit game.”” This is a memoir of playing on the sandlot, discovering and playing in the AAGPBL, and playing baseball in college. Brown shares her thoughts on the League’s history, including what Philip K. Wrigley sought to do by creating the AAGPBL, what happened after Wrigley left to give more attention to the Chicago Cubs, and why the League ended; and considers the future for women’s professional baseball. Brown also presents interviews with former AAGPBL players Helen Hannah Campbell, Patricia “”Pat”” Courtney, Madeline “”Maddy”” English, Lenora “”Smokey”” Mandella, Jacqueline “”Jackie”” Matson, Jane Moffet, Mary “”Sis”” Moore, and Janet “”Pee Wee”” Riley.

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