A BART Custodian Was Wounded By Someone at 24th St. Mission Station Who Was Causing a “Disturbance”

An individual at 24th Street-Mission BART station took what’s believed to be a pocketknife and cut a BART-employed custodial worker working there Friday evening, a spokesperson for the agency said.

The employee was treated for injuries at a local hospital and has since been released, according to ABC7.

The BART employee had reportedly been on one of the escalators at the BART station around 7:45 p.m. Friday, next to a large group of people who were causing a “disturbance.” An individual within the group, whose identity hasn’t yet been publicly released, somehow cut the custodian with a smallish knife, like a pocketknife, agency spokespeople said, according to KNTV.

The knife, although it hasn’t been recovered, reportedly left a wound on the BART worker’s left shoulder.

One juvenile suspect was detained following the incident, but has since been cleared of the crime and released into the custody of a parent, as ABC7 reported.

Police are reportedly still investigating and haven’t made any arrests or released more information about the attack.

Image via Flickr/Vinicius under Creative Commons.

2023-05-27 22:42:25
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