1942 | The first Madrid-Barcelona was played at midnight

Real Madrid-FC Barcelona is one of the great rivalries in the history of Spanish basketball at the club level. It is possible that, from the early years, not all of its duels are registered, but we do have evidence of the first one that deserved billboards, in 1942. And it was played at midnight…

Throughout the history of Spanish basketball, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona They have starred in hundreds of confrontations, many of them in finals and decisive matches, which have always unleashed passion and expectation, heirs to which their football rivalry rises.

You have to go back many years to find out what the first duels between the two teams were, and it is possible that not all of them are registered. But we do have proof of which was the first Real Madrid-FC Barcelona that deserved billboards.

It was the one that was played May 18, 1942 on the pediment Recoletos from Madrid. As indicated on the poster announcing the event, the game was part of a basketball “festival” evening that also included a preliminary match between the teams of the French Lyceum of the capital and the Avila Sports Club. It was organized by the Madrid club and for this reason its members had the invitation guaranteed as long as they picked it up in advance since, as was recalled in the announcement, only 3,000 places were available.

The session was held at night, and the match between the whites and the blaugranas was scheduled for Quarter to twelve of the night…

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