1939 | “Very long blouse, so it doesn’t come out”

That women joined the movement of the new sport, basketball, very soon, becomes clear when reviewing history. And that there were moments in which they did not have it entirely easy, too, including our country. For example, as soon as games were played again after the Civil War. A matter of pants and skirts…

Already in the United States, barely invented by James Naismith, women signed up for basketball with interest, a phenomenon that was repeated in as many countries as they discovered the new sport, including Spain. This is how we have remembered it in some of the previous stories.
But those were other times, and not all of them had it easy. In our country, as had happened before in others, one of the reasons for disagreement was the clothing of the players.

For example, in 1939, when the Civil War had just ended, matches of all sports were played again, including women’s basketball. That year, the then maximum person in charge of Spanish sports -what would currently be the president of the CSD-, the historic General Moscardó, imposed strict rules of conduct and clothing: he forced women to dress “navy blue baggy pants, very long blouse, so it doesn’t come off”and, of course, wearing “the emblems of the yoke and the arrow embroidered in red cloth”.

They did so, of course, but years later, in 1942, the French Lyceum players went out to play a game wearing pants, but short ones, and the reaction of the authorities was withering: from then on they had to play in skirts.

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