11-year-old promise of judo burned alive by other children: they were jealous

11-year-old promise of judo burned alive by other children: they were jealous. Horror in Russia, where an 11-year-old boy was burned alive in a shed by other children. The reason? According to some international media reports, they were envious of him because he was a judo star in their country.

According to the police, the boy was first doused in petrol and then locked up in a shed which was set on fire by children a little older than him. Albert Umbetyarov, this is the name of the victim, died as a result of this atrocious act committed in a forest in the Dubovaya Roschcha district of Moscow.

A witness, another younger boy, explained to the authorities that they beat him unconscious, then doused him in petrol, then locked him in a shed and set it on fire. It would have been two children aged 6 and 7 who warned several adults who were in the area.

Russia, 11-year-old promise of judo burned alive by other children: the horror

It was an adult who found the scene, but he was unable to do anything: “At 7 pm he called me crying. He told me: ‘My friend was burned to death in the shed’. I went there I saw the flames. There was no one to ask for help at the time,” explained the father of one of the children.

Several men with shovels tried to break through the flames and save the boy, but it was too late. The boy’s judo coach, Alexander Tvanba, said Albert was “intelligent and very peaceful, he wouldn’t offend a fly”.

“On May 19, 2023, during a fight, some children locked a boy inside a shed, then locked it from the outside, nailing the door. A fire broke out in the shed. According to the first investigations, the fire broke out inside the structure. The children could have saved him but he didn’t open the door or call for help. When the paramedics arrived, the boy’s body was found inside the burnt-out shed,” explained the head of the committee, Alexander Bastrykin.

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