1 out of 4 people “Pilates/yoga is the sport I want to do the most”

Sports Preference Survey Graphic. Provided by the Korean Veterans Association’s cultural content project group
As a result of a preference survey on life sports, Pilates and yoga were found to be the most popular events.

On the 30th, according to the results of the Preference Survey on Sports for All by the Cultural Contents Project Group of the Veterans Association, Pilates and Yoga took first place with 28% when it came to the question of ‘What would you like to do the most for sports if conditions permit’. It was followed by swimming (23.8%), badminton (15.0%), tennis (13.4%), and soccer/futsal (9.8%).

Pilates and yoga, which are the most preferred, are most preferred by people in their 20s and 30s, and swimming, which is second, is most preferred by people in their 50s.

In terms of gender preference, males showed the highest response rate in swimming (26.0%) and females in Pilates/Yoga (47.0%). Men showed a high preference in soccer and futsal (18.0%) next to swimming, and women showed a high preference in swimming (22.0%) followed by Pilates and yoga.

When asked what factors to consider when choosing a sport, accessibility to sports facilities (35.6%) was the highest. This was followed by physical activity cost (26.0%), exercise intensity (17.0%), physical activity time (12.8%), and sport awareness (2.4%). It was found that those in their 20s and 60s considered access to sports facilities the most, and those in their 30s considered the cost of sports activities the most.

An official from the Veterans Association’s cultural content project division said, “Considering the results of this survey, it is judged that it is urgent to build infrastructure, such as expanding facilities where athletes can freely exercise.”

The survey was conducted on the 16th and 18th by Entrust Survey on 500 men and women in their 20s and 60s across the country at the request of the Veterans Association.

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