1. FC Köln: coach draws blank: Steffen Baumgart is injured before the Bayern final | Sports

Steffen Baumgart (51) goes into the championship final against Bayern with a small handicap!

The Cologne coach sustained an injury to his right thigh during the final training session on Friday, possibly even a torn muscle fibre.

What happened?

He and his coaching team bolted on goal in front of the unit. “I accepted the ball and then wanted to take a quick step after it. You shouldn’t do that out of cold pants,” says Baumgart.

Curious scene: Baumgart suddenly pulled down his training pants in the middle of the pitch and showed his assistant coaches where the pain is. He kept shaking his leg afterwards, later limping slightly. Nevertheless, he went through with the whole unit.

Of course, the coach won’t miss the final against Bayern. It is questionable, however, whether Baumgart, with his injury on the sidelines, can coach as wildly and enthusiastically as he is known to do.

“Before I skip a game like this, a lot more has to happen,” he says. And adds with a wink: “The Baumgart player would shoot an injection up his butt and then run up. Why do you think I got a few more games than others…”

The last training session of the season was a good mood unit, except for Baumgart’s thigh scare!

In the final game on a smaller field, the assistant coaches Kevin McKennna (43) and René Wagner (34) acted as line judges – even in yellow referee shirts and with a flag.

The co-trainers McKenna (right) and Wagner as line judges during the final training session in Cologne

Photo: Andreas Pohl / BILD

Photo: BILD

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