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Lukaku scores the penalty and exults, putting his hand to his mouth to silence the Juventus fans who had directed racist chants at him: chaos is on the pitch

Juventus-Inter ends in brawl: here’s what happened.

In injury time of the Coppa Italia match Luke he scores from a penalty kick and exults, putting his hand to his mouth to silence the black and white fans. He had already done it with his national team as a response to racist bullies.

The gesture is interpreted as a provocation by the black and whites and a new one is born uproar, especially with Cuadrado. The Inter striker – already booked – is sent off.

Chaos continues on the pitch: Square e Handanovich come into contact and must be divided.

In the end there are three red cards: Lukaku, Handanovic and Cuadrado. The chaos continues even after the final whistle, in the locker room. With players running, and chasing each other, from one side to the other

April 5, 2023 – Updated April 5, 2023 , 10:19 am



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