Vota Juan: Juan succeeds in a public humiliation of Ignacio Recalde

Juan Carrasco has defied the wishes of the Party running as a candidate for the primaries. But his party had counterattacked by promoting Ignacio Recalde, the Education Minister who meets the ideal requirements to become the next Prime Minister. Even with how bad Juan had been at a public event with Recalde, the Minister of Agriculture managed to turn the situation around by setting him up.

Juan challenges the Party despite the warnings: “I am more than ever determined to be President of the Government”

Juan Carrasco had joined an act by Ignacio Recalde in a high school to gain notoriety, since his rival was the public’s favorite. However, what seemed like an innocent welcome to the act by Recalde and his team turned into a strategy to highlight the shortcomings of Juan Carrasco.

Humiliated by how badly he had come out before those present and before the cameras, Juan ended up collapsing thinking that his future as a candidate for the primaries was over. However, the result of a match in Spain gave him the idea to set a trap for Recaldeleaving this very bad before one of the Spanish passions that move the most masses.

This is Ignacio Recalde, Juan Carrasco's rival in the race for Moncloa

This is Ignacio Recalde, Juan Carrasco’s rival in the race for Moncloa

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