Trial of the attacks in Brussels: Ibrahim El Bakraoui had two bombs when he blew himself up

After asking personality questions on Wednesday, the president of the court, Laurence Massart, began the cross-examination of the defendants on the facts on Thursday, focusing on the day of March 22 at first.

After questioning Mohamed Abrini on what happened in the morning before the arrival of the terrorists at the airport, Laurence Massart asked the “man in the hat” why Ibrahim El Bakraoui was carrying a backpack in addition to the large bag containing the bomb. “He had a pressure cooker in his bag,” he replied. The first suicide bomber therefore had two bombs: one made of 30 kg of TATP, like Najim Laachraoui and Mohamed Abrini, and another of 20 kg in the backpack.

Before that, the accused explained to the president the reasons why he had given up setting off his bomb. “They point at me and I see the line (where he has to go to blow himself up, editor’s note). I turn around immediately and that’s when I decide to tell them. I see women, children. I See them from afar, I turn right back. I tell them I’m not doing this.”

In his eyes, those present that day at the airport were doubly victims, both of the foreign policy of the West against the East but also of that of the terrorist organization Islamic State.

Mohamed Abrini reiterated that he never intended to blow himself up on March 22.


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