the tense crossing on the net between Kokkinakis and Munar in his debut at the Masters 1000 in Madrid

The Spaniard won in three sets and, when they approached the net to greet him, he reproached the Australian for telling him to “shut up”. The Oceanian giant was not far behind and challenged him.

James Munar y Thanasi Kokkinakis staged a spicy crossover after the duel they played for the first round of the Madrid Masters 1000. After more than two and a half hours of play, in which the Australian reproached his rival several times for shouting to celebrate the points, the Spaniard won 7-6 (9-7) and 7-6 (7 -3) to get into the second round. And when they went to shake hands on the net, they didn’t keep quiet.

“Don’t tell me to shut up again”, said Munar to the oceanic. Kokkinakis replied defiantly: “Or what?”. The Spaniard repeated again and again: “Don’t tell me to shut up again”. And she always received the same answer: “Or what?”. “Nothing, I’m just telling you not to shut up”finally said the Iberian.

The discussion did not end there. After the umpire Mohamed Lahyani will try to separate them without success, the two continued complaining for almost a minute for attitudes they had during the meeting, in an increasingly loud tone.

Kokkinakis assured that his rival – who had also been discussing the entire match with the chair umpire – had spoken to him when he went to complain about the sanction he received for taking too long to resume play.

That situation had occurred at the start of the second set. The 111th in the world came up to speak with Lahyani and the Spaniard said something to him from the back of the field. “Brother, you don’t shut up, do you?”Thanasi yelled. The umpire stopped him, told him to speak only with him and listened to the claim.

Munar tried to close the exchange in the post-match net with a: “Ok, my bad (Alluding to the claims for the violation of time). But don’t tell me to shut up again“. But the round trip continued with reproaches that were barely understood over the music that was playing loudly and the noise that came down from the stands.

Finally, each one went their own way and the fight ended there. The Australian will have to pack his bags and the Spaniard will collide in the second round with the Dutchman Tallon Greek Railway30th seed, who was released in the initial round.

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