the favorites and scratches of this Coupe de France final

The Nantes supporters at the rendezvous, not Alban Lafont. Panoramic.

Find out what caught the attention of our special correspondent during the final of this 106th Coupe de France final.

At the Stade de France


The atmosphere and the party at the rendezvous

Thank you ladies and gentlemen in the stadium. An atmosphere worthy of a final, worthy of the spectacle offered on the lawn. The 78,038 spectators at the Saint-Denis enclosure continued to give voice during the 90 minutes, even after the break and an already heavy score in favor of “Téfécé” (4-0 MT). The public, with a slight majority behind Nantes, kept singing and pushing behind the players. Beautiful tifos, banners and some smoke to complete this beautiful evening. “We were not up to our supporters, who won the match from the stands“, regretted Antoine Kombouaré after the meeting. Also worth noting is the very high-level show organized by the FFF before the match.

The Loire Brigade responded present. JB Autissier

Politicization on the sidelines

Football has regained its rights and it’s certainly better that way. Very important around the Stade de France, the mobilization against the pension reform did not penetrate the spans of the enclosure of Saint-Denis. The red cards and whistles distributed were, for the most part, confiscated by the stewards before the supporters took their places in the stands. The whistles, thought against Emmanuel Macron after 49 minutes and three seconds of play, were very light. The Head of State was also discreet.

Logan Costa points the tip of his nose

What a dream evening for the Cape Verdean defender. A usual substitute in Ligue 1, Logan Costa has started all the Coupe de France matches this season. “I have great faith in Logan. The competition in the axis is difficult, with Antho (Rouault), Moussa Diarra. As he has been intractable and very good since the beginning of the epic, it seemed logical to me that he would start“, explained Philippe Montanier after the meeting. A confidence that the Cape Verdean international has returned to him. The regional of the stage scored twice at the very start of the meeting, allowing the “Téfécé” to quickly lead the debates. The native of Saint-Denis first gets rid of the marking of Andrei Girotto to score the first goal of the game (4th), before staying on the lookout and concluding intelligently, still with his head, to make the break (10th). At 22, Logan Costa offers his first double of his young career.

Logan Costa’s header on his first goal. JB Autissier


Nantes took on water

A debacle. After the match, Antoine Kombouaré refused to talk about humiliation, but it looked very much like it. “A humiliation? We’re not going to go that far. We speak rather of disappointment, of frustration“, conceded the Nantes coach before pointing out the beautiful course of his team. But this beautiful speech is not misleading. The Yellows and Greens did not exist at the Stade de France. They suffered in turn the Toulouse waves and never knew how to get their heads out of the water after these first two goals quickly conceded. Until completely submerged. The FCN does not have time to procrastinate for too long, since it moves on the lawn of Brest this Wednesday.

Lafont hits rock bottom

«And this one is for Alban Lafont“, railed a vehement supporter of FC Nantes, indicating her middle finger to the Nantes porter. It must be said that the usual captain of the Yellows and Greens, who leaves his armband to Ludovic Blas in the Cup, was below everything. Stoic on the first goal, too soft on the second, late on the third, he pushes the ball back into the feet of Thijs Dallinga on the fourth, who only has to finish. On the other hand, the French goalkeeper cannot do much about the fifth Toulouse goal. Five goals conceded and only two saves in total for Lafont.

A botched ceremony

We knew that even before the start of the match. The ceremony for the medals and the Coupe de France trophy will not take place on the lawn, as usual, but in the stands, as is regularly the case. However, it was a first since 2019. The players thus received individual awards from the Head of State and members of the FFF, who decidedly did not want to show themselves on the lawn. Only this ceremony was more than intimate since it was not broadcast on giant screens. The Toulouse supporters could not therefore admire this presentation of the trophy and did not even know when to celebrate. Too bad to end this beautiful evening on this false note.


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