“The emotion is indescribable” savors Comolli, the Toulouse president

Damien Comolli reacted to RMC’s microphone after the victorious final against Nantes this Saturday evening in the final (5-1).

Damien Comolli, president of Toulouse (winner of the Coupe de France at the expense of Nantes 5-1) at the microphone of RMC : «I just have no words. We would never have imagined this scenario. Reaching the final already, it was not programmed at all. We worked to prepare for this final, I’ve never seen a club work so hard to prepare for a match. What we did, the details we went into, it’s just incredible! Winning like we did… it’s impossible to imagine. The emotion is indescribable (…) There is something illogical, irrational in what we did, it’s the beauty of football. We spend our days trying to bring the rational to the irrational, while giving emotions to the city and to our supporters, but tonight it has exceeded everything. We have fallen into the irrational.»

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Coupe de France: the coronation of Toulouse in pictures

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