The curious sign of the DGT that calls you by your name

04/01/2023 at 15:45


The General Directorate of Traffic launches a new methodology of informative cartels

An action that has not taken long to fill the networks with memes

The DGT uses highway signs to inform about road safety regulations such as speed, cuts in the road, or safety instructions behind the wheel. It seems that those messages went unnoticed on the road and has decided Try a new, more personalized method.

In recent months, the DGT has announced several new measures. A few days ago they announced that They will no longer be fined for not physically carrying the driver’s license in the car and now they have wanted to modernize in the way to communicate with drivers.

It is common to find informative signs on the roads with recommendations from the General Directorate of Traffic. As the messages were not getting through among the drivers, they have decided to address the pilots in a more personalized waycalling them by their own name.

An action that It has not taken long to call the memes and that has excited the users, that They already want to see their name put on the highway. The new labels have exploded laughter in networks that reacted like this to this modification:

It seems that at the moment the goal of getting your messages read, is working.



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