The Acelite Podcast: rugby and gymnastics at the University


The journalists Alberto Romera and José Antonio Jiménez travel in this second installment of the Acelite Sevilla video podcast to the Faculty of Communication of the University of Seville in search of protagonists related to the Sevillian sport.

First, we talk to Jose Luis Rojas TorrijosProfessor of Journalism in said entity, and with Ana Conesa, president and coach of the Dos Hermanas Rhythmic Gymnastics Club. And secondly, we chat with Manuel Mazo and Manuel Moracoach and player of the Real Ciencias Rugby Club respectively.

ACELITE, chaired by Juan José Mora, it has been growing so that its 30 associated clubs, with their respective structures, acquire the appropriate visibility to be a showcase for companies in the transmission of the best values ​​of any self-respecting society.

The associated clubs that make up the Elite Club Association from Seville are those that we are going to list below: Rinconada Badminton Club, Sevilla Women’s Basketball Club, Las Peris Beach Handball Club, Sevilla Beach Handball Club, Seville Baseball Club, Sevilla Node Club, Blue Devils American Football Club, Linces American Football Club, Compass Futsal Club, South Gymnastics Club, Milu Wrestling Club, Mairena Swimming Club, Seville Yacht Club, Amigos Rugby Club, Real Sciences Club, Crocodile Rugby University Club, Mairena del Aljarafe Rugby Club, Híspalis Table Tennis Club, Table Tennis Club Seville, Mairena del Alcor Taekwondo Club, Isbilya Triathlon Club, Seville Triathlon Club, Esquimo Volleyball Club, Utrera Volleyball Club, Sincro Sevilla, Dos Hermanas Waterpolo Club, Sevilla Waterpolo Club, Dos Hermanas Rhythmic Gymnastics Club and Blume Gymnastics Club (the last two, recently integrated into ACELITE).

I hope you enjoy this exclusive content that we offer on the YouTube channel of Muchodeporte!


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