Sveva Pallacanestro Lucera between balance sheets and prospects


Luca Maglia, president of Sveva Pallacanestro Lucera, held a press conference at the Cremeria al Duomo to draw up the balance sheet of the recently concluded C Gold series championship and which saw the club from Lucera win it, with a good three days in advance without passing from the playoffs, and reach the national championship of Serie B.

The President thanked everyone for the support, both from the public and from the sponsors, and also the municipal administration, in the person of the mayor, Giuseppe Pitta, who was present at the conference.

The president clarified what are the future commitments that the club will have to face starting from the arrangement of the roster and launched an appeal to support the club.

The Serie B championship that the Lucerina club will have to face is certainly more demanding also because it will be made up of teams from various regions, in addition to Puglia.

Finally, Maglia wanted to highlight that the club is paying more and more attention to the youth sector.


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