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Strong start to the season

The Neuenburg Atomics baseball team celebrated two convincing victories at the start of the second Bundesliga season against the Frankfurt Eagles. In the first game of the day, starting pitcher Luca Mayer did not let the Hessian offensive come into its own. Conversely, the Atomics offensive put the Frankfurt defense under pressure with good shots. The result was a clear 10:0 win, which was even topped in the second match. Here, coach Rob Piscatelli first put Tim-Luca Lindemann on the throwing mound, whose defense remained alert at all times. The offensive soon deciphered the throws of the Canadian pitcher on the side of Frankfurt, so that Neuchâtel was able to pull away to 9:0. In the fourth inning, pitcher Tim-Luca Lindemann extended the lead to 13:0 – a perfect start to the season for the Atomics, who are visiting the Bad Homburg Hornets next Saturday.

2023-04-18 20:05:54
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