Streich: “The result is shit – but not undeserved”

The competition dropped points, but so did SC Freiburg. After the 1-1 draw against Hertha BSC, players and coaches are angry about the missed opportunity.

Dissatisfied with the 1-1 draw against Hertha: Christian Streich.

IMAGO/Jan Huebner

Christian Streich and Sandro Schwarz like and appreciate each other. This was evident even before the game in the heartfelt welcome and especially after the 90 minutes at the press conference. Streich had analyzed the performance of his team, with which he was quite satisfied, and praised the opponent for their dedicated performance.

But there was a sticking point from the Freiburg coach’s point of view: “The result is shit – but not undeserved for Hertha, that’s clear.” The open and direct communication pleased Schwarz, who said with a grin: “I think you’re outstanding, Christian.” Normally, the question and answer session would have started at this point, but the entertaining conversation between the two football teachers on the podium continued.

I probably wouldn’t have that attitude anymore

Christian Streich on Sandro Schwarz’ attitude in the relegation battle

“I have to say it pisses me off,” Streich continued. “I know, I know the feeling,” Schwarz showed sincere sympathy, which in turn encouraged the SC coach to praise his colleague. “I think you’re outstanding, too. What attitude you have in the relegation battle, I don’t want to experience that again, I probably wouldn’t have that attitude anymore.”

Now that everyone in the catacombs of the Freiburg stadium was in a good mood, the question and answer session really got going.

Streich still couldn’t shake his disappointment. That also had something to do with the most recent 1-1 draw in Mainz before the international break. “We played so well in Mainz, but let the win lie in the 96th minute because we let ourselves be boiled and are incredibly naïve. Again today. If you win one of the two games, then everything is fine,” he complained veteran.

Flekken regrets missed opportunity

Mark Flekken

“Could have made a big leap”: Mark Flekken.
IMAGO/Beautiful Sports

The statements show the self-confidence and the demands that the up-and-coming Breisgauer no longer keep hidden. Goalkeeper Mark Flekken also made that clear.

“We could have made a big leap towards the Champions League. If you want to play in the table at this level, you have to get the thing over the stage,” said the Dutchman after missing the chance to pull away from RB Leipzig to four points .

It wasn’t easy against Hertha, who made the space incredibly tight with a deep 5-3-2 formation and repeatedly forced Freiburg into one-on-one situations.

“Many teams are doing it that way now. Union Berlin has been a role model for years, they’re doing it sensationally well. It’s then brutally difficult to find space. Many systems are initially aimed against the ball. It’s extremely difficult there to create chances to score from the game,” Streich analyzed. It was once again the individual class of Vincenzo Grifo, who scored an indirectly played free kick in the goal.

The moment that annoyed Streich

But then came the moment that annoyed Streich so much. Jonathan Schmid lost the duel with Jessic Ngankam on his first appearance of the season, stumbled and Flekken was powerless after he brilliantly parried a similar situation against Dodi Lukebakio.

“He’s incredibly experienced, he has to behave differently, he knows that himself. It’s not bad that it happens to him, but it totally annoys me. But that annoys Jonny the most. Of course he doesn’t have a quiet night now. But I can’t help him there either,” said Streich. With this low mood, Sandro Schwarz was powerless.



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