Shakira has already left Barcelona with her children

Shakira He left Barcelona this morning, around 12:30 in the afternoon. The paparazzi, Jordi Martin, has confirmed it on his Instagram social network. The photojournalist was, since yesterday, standing guard in front of the Colombian’s house in Barcelona and just a few minutes ago he confirmed that “that’s it. She already left“.

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Jordi Martín has shared a story on her Instagram social network along with a photo of the Colombian’s private jet and the following text: “That’s it. She already left. Shakira said goodbye to Barcelona forever“. Gerard Piqué went last Saturday, April 1, to say goodbye to his children before they left for Miami

Story Jordi Martin


Gerard Piqué, “deeply angry” with the imminent departure of Shakira and her children

‘La Vanguardia’ reported last Saturday that “the communication of the Colombian has taken him completely by surprise and he doesn’t even know yet what specific day they will leave Barcelona”. And it is Shakira’s decision “has been taken completely unilaterally and without having consultedwhen both hold parental authority”.

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Angel More

As confirmed, Shakira is already flying to Miami with her children, since they will start the school year in the United States on April 11 after the Easter holidays. The children of the Colombian and Catalan will continue their studies at the prestigious Miami Country Day.

Shakira, in ‘On Point’




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