Sevilla boss criticizes Joan Laporta


Sevilla President, Jose Castro, was dissatisfied with Joan Laporta’s statement regarding the Barcelona referee bribery case. The boss didn’t say anything new Blaugrana That.

Laporta attended the general assembly of LaLiga, Wednesday (19/4/2023). On that occasion, he gave an explanation regarding the bribery scandal that was charged to Barcelona.

Laporta has denied Barcelona bribed the former vice president of the Spanish Referees Committee, Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira. He claimed the money paid was an official payment for Negreira’s services regarding counseling about referees.

Joan Laporta’s clarification did not satisfy the assembly participants. The boss of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, considers the Barcelona president’s explanation to be unconvincing.

A similar opinion was given by Jose Castro. The Sevilla boss still questions the large sum of money Barcelona gave Negreira.

“Laporta has done what he had to do; come to Liga, explain the same thing he said at the press conference and we have all given our opinion,” Castro said, quoted from Football Espana.

“He answered what we had talked about but he didn’t say anything new and that, for those of us who have done so much for this League, we are concerned because there is a stain there.”

“We have told him that we all have a delegation of referees who have been referees who get something for such a small amount, and we don’t understand why 7 million euros was issued; his talk has not convinced us at all.”

Castro said that other LaLiga clubs did not trust Laporta about the consulting services paid by Barcelona. For him, the Negreira case has tarnished Spanish football.

“You have to understand this because there are people who have profited, who have paid for referees who are in the Federation and who have influenced referees; no one is to be conned here.”

“We are not against Barcelona but we can’t be discredited for something like this. This is very ugly and bad for Liga, and all LaLiga clubs are worried about it,” said Jose Castro.

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