Sevilla and Mendilibar could be sanctioned

Possibly it went unnoticed by all the fans the fact that the Cádiz-Seville yesterday afternoon at the Nuevo Mirandilla Stadium started late. Up to a total of four minutes above the initially set time of 6:30 p.m.

A circumstance that was due, as stated in the minutes by the referee Soto Grado, due to a delay in appearing on the pitch of the Sevillian team. On the day of Mendilibar’s debut at the helm of the team and which ended with a 0-2 victory against the Cadiz club.

Verbatim, Soto Grado wrote the following in the section on other observations or extensions to the previous ones: “The game started four minutes late due to the late departure of the Sevilla players from the locker room“.

We will see what position the Competition Committee adopts in the face of this fact that is included in the minutes but may have financial and disciplinary consequences for the Sevilla club. This is established in article 89 relating to late appearance at a match that does not impede their dispute of the Disciplinary Code and which reads as follows: “When a team shows up at the sports facilities with a notorious unjustified delay, but despite the delay, this circumstance does not prevent the match from being held, or when it is late in leaving the field of play, both at the start of the match and at the end of the game. second half, the club will be fined up to 3,000 euros”.

And it continues: “In the case of the first of the offenses provided for in this article, those directly responsible will also be suspended or disqualified for a period of up to two months, while the second of the same will be considered as an incorrect action of the head coach of the offending team, which may lead to their expulsion from the field of play and will be penalized with a suspension of 1 to 3 games“.

Soto Grande writes in the minutes “Ramón de Carranza”

Then this can mean, on the one hand, a fine that could go up to 3,000 euros and even a penalty for the new coach. It is true that it is usual that, on the occasion of the first occasion and if there are no precedents, there is no punishment. This occurs in case of recidivism in the same season.

It is curious that in the minutes prepared by the international collegiate, the name that continues to be given to the field is that of Ramón de Carranza and not the current one, Nuevo Mirandilla

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