Sergi Enrich puts the finishing touch on a UD Ibiza without luck

The Real Oviedo striker Sergi Enrich has sentenced UD Ibiza this Saturday with a brace that has rendered useless the good proposal from Lucas Alcaraz’s team, who with the third consecutive defeat bid a virtual farewell to the category (1-2). . The sky-blue team has deserved better fortune against a Real Oviedo that has taken advantage of three counterattacks to add three points that ensure salvation in the Second Division. The Ibizan squad, on the other hand, can consummate relegation next week since it is 12 points away with 15 to play.

Isma Ruiz and Kevin Appin were the main novelties of a starting eleven from which Morante and Julis fell. The very weak public attendance – barely 1,500 spectators – was the other great news of an almost inconsequential match after the last two defeats that condemned the sky-blue team to virtual relegation.

Although the accounts no longer came out, Alcaraz’s team jumped into the game with tension and pride, aware that professionalism and self-esteem is the last thing they can lose as footballers. Thus, the first occasion carried the signature of Coke after impaling a dead ball on the edge of the area in a well-kicked lateral free kick by Javi Vázquez. And also the second, again in strategic action, with a left-footed shot from Herrera that Braat cleared with his fists for a corner (min. 12).

The carbayones, who arrived emboldened after adding two crucial consecutive victories to put their permanence on track, were unable to sustain the desires of their brave rival. Until after the initial quarter hour when, in a completely isolated action, they took the lead on the scoreboard thanks to an exquisite execution of Sergi Enrich’s first touch from Lucas’s pass in the first counterattack twisted by the Oviedo team (0-1, min. 17). As unfair as it was, the endemic weakness of the sky blues in both areas was portrayed at the first exchange in Can Misses.

A centered shot from Ekain, a powerful shot from Herrera repelled by the rear and an almost point-blank shot from Isma Ruiz that did not find the goal were the answers from an Ibiza that did not give up and finally, after half an hour of play, He got the tie with a header from Fusto Grillo from a corner (min. 32).


Isma Ruiz made way for Escobar after the break, with Appin moving to the center midfield and Javi Vázquez to the left winger. Movements made by Alcaraz trying to improve the performance of his left flank. Although he went to the right where he first dangerously hit an Ibiza committed to giving himself a joy in this agonizing end of the campaign. Then it was Ekain who with a left-footed cross shot warned again of the celestial intentions. But everything remained in that, in notices. And what Ibiza lacks, Oviedo makes up for. Sergi Enrich demonstrated it by achieving his particular double in another isolated play that he defined in the race with a right foot close to Fuzato’s goal post (1-2, min. 55).

The goal destroyed the hopes of the sky-blue team, which already played at the mercy of a much more comfortable and safe Oviedo on the pitch. Herrera’s attempts and the entry of Morante (who delayed Javi Serrano to the central position) were in vain in the minutes after the carbayón goal.

Neither did the entry of Nolito, unprecedented in recent months, and Suleiman subtracting a last quarter of an hour to go.

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