Santiago Camaño: sports bettor who lost everything in two hours – International Football – Sports

Santiago Camaño: sports bettor who lost everything in two hours – International Football – Sports

Throughout the world there have been several cases of people who lose everything in life because of electronic games or gambling.

Although this was not his case, since he managed to have a lifeguard, a young man named Santiago Caamaño told how close he came to losing his own life because of his addiction to sports betting.

‘After an hour and a half I no longer had anything’

Step by step to withdraw your money in sports betting

From the age of 14, Camaño, born in Spain, got to know the game and realized the high profits it can bring. However, in an interview with the ‘BBC’ he said that one day, in a matter of an hour and a half, he lost more than 14,000 dollars, that is, approximately 64 million pesos.

In his account, Camaño mentioned that neither his family nor friends knew what was happening to him since he told several lies in order to obtain money to bet.

“It’s like a vicious circle from which you can’t get out… I always say the same thing, whoever becomes a gambler is because they played once. Whoever doesn’t gamble will never be a gambler. So, why risk it?” commented the young man.

She said she first played poker at school and then saw that she could play online, posing as her mother on adult sites.

“I made recharges of 10 euros, which was the minimum you could put in. To collect, I would have had to enter my mother’s data. I always hoped that I would earn a lot of money and that it wouldn’t seem so bad to my mother, but that moment never came.”, he added.

Later, Caamaño learned about sports betting and there he became more addicted to the game:

“I did favors for my flatmates so they would give me money, I went shopping, I even sold drugs… I thought of a thousand ways to get money and ended up owing money. In the end, he always spent 120% of what he had, because he always ended up owing. There was one day that I managed to win $14,000 dollars in online sports betting and an hour and a half later I had nothing”recounted.

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‘I was fooling myself’


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After several losses and debts, the young man told his family what was happening and there he found support and a place to rehabilitate, but some time later he relapsed.

“I counted the first relapse, but it turned into another relapse and another and another and then I no longer wanted to tell it and went back to the circle. I asked for voluntary discharge from rehabilitation saying that I was fine, but it was a lie. I had been going to rehab for a while and when I left the group meetings I would play. I was fooling myself and the whole world”, he complemented.

Finally, something in her life changed and she decided to go to a psychologist in search of support and since then she has lived a stable life.

“I went through the worst thing that can happen, I think, and I was able to get out. There are potholes, but potholes are not the death of anyone either. Do not do it (seek help) or for your mother, or for your girlfriend, or to show people that you can, but if you don’t do it for yourself, because you want to go out, ”she concluded.

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