San Martín de Tucumán, Racing’s rival in the Argentine Cup after beating Morón in a promotion duel

El Ciruja won 2-0 in Santa Fe and reached the round of 16, an instance in which they will meet the Academy.

With goals from Nahuel Benegas y Mauro Veron, San Martin de Tucuman he beat Deportivo Moron by 2 to 0 on the Unión field, in a match valid for the 32nd final of the Argentine Cupwhich gave Ciruja the pass to the next phase, in which he will face Racing in a party that still does not have a date.

After an even and boring initial stage that in the beginning was dominated by the Tucuman team and, in the end, with better walking in the end of Morón, the goals only came in the second half. The clearest when things were tied without goals, was a shot by Brian Orosco, which goalkeeper Francisco Tinaglini cleared with effort after 30 minutes.

The final part began with the same characteristics of parity and without arrivals, but on the first occasion in favor, San Martín took the lead after 9 minutes. Agustín Prokop took charge of a free kick from the right sector so that Nahuel Benegas, in the center of the area and with a header crossed to the left post, established the 1 to 0.

After the opening of the scoring, el Gallito tried to react but had no arguments to reach the tie, a task that was even more difficult for him after the expulsion of Brian Orosco, at 13 minutes.

Shortly after the half hour of the complement, Santo organized a counter-attack with which he got the second and final goal, after a good collective maneuver and a clearance from Brian Andrada to Mauro Verón, who entered through the large area and with a shot low, he made it 2 to 0.

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