[Rigid Baseball]Tokyo Big 6 Baseball 2023 Spring League Match 2nd Round of Ritsudai Takashi Utsumi’s dignified 2 runs! Tamashii Shinoki’s complete game victory! A big first win for winning points! – Sports law

[Rigid Baseball]Tokyo Big 6 Baseball 2023 Spring League Match 2nd Round of Ritsudai Takashi Utsumi’s dignified 2 runs! Tamashii Shinoki’s complete game victory! A big first win for winning points! – Sports law

Tokyo Big 6 Baseball 2023 Spring League Match 2nd Round
April 17, 2023 (Month)
Jingu Stadium

Kanta Ozaki (C4 = Shiga Gakuen) and Yosuke Ikeda pitched the pitcher’s pitcher, and the relief team who took over after that pitched well, resulting in a draw. Houdai sent Kentaro Shinoki (Year 3 = Kisarazu General) to the mound as the starting pitcher, wanting to snatch the first win to win a point. On the other hand, Ritsudai sent Masamune Oki to the starting lineup, and this match was a match-up for third-year right-handers. In the 4th inning, Takato Utsumi (Yokohama) gave Hodai the lead with a 2-run home run. With a 2-1 win, Houdai took the lead to secure points.

Takashi Utsumi hits the first home run

match result

Total match result

Standing large000010000170
University of Law00020000×270

(Ritsu Univ.) Oki, Futoshi Watabe, Yoshino-Tomaru
(Faculty of Law) Shinoki-Yan
Standing: Yui Suzuki (5th solo, Shinoki)
Law: Takashi Utsumi (2 runs in 4 innings, Oki)

batting record

batting orderLocationplayerbeatinstallpointbatting averageon-base percentage123456789
1(5)Takekawa310.333.520Zuo Anfly leftfour ballstrikeout
2(7)Suzuki Photo410.182.182flyright anNigoplay
3(6)Imaizumi410.263.435Zuo AnstrikeoutSangoZuo An
4(3)Takashi Utsumi322.421.522two straightright book ➁right anfour ball
5(4)plateau300.263.300Nigostrikeoutstrikeoutfour ball
6(8)Nakatsu400.125.263fly leftNigothree flyone go
7(7)Sou Utsumi300.000.000Zhongfeistrikeoutstrikeout
7Nishimura100.000.000a fly
8(2)???? Ann300.176.300strikeoutZhongfeione go
9(1)Shinoki210.600.667one goMiddle 2four ball

Pitcher record

timesnumber of ballsbatterinstallvibrationballresponsibilitydefense rate

bench member

10Sota Imaizumi (Law 4 = Chukyo University)27Ryoya Yoshiyasu (Law 3 = Osaka Toin)28Kazuya Ishiguro (Law 2 = Takaoka Commerce)
1Kanta Ozaki (Ca4 = Shiga Academy)2Taisho Suzuki (Sentence 3 = Meitoku Gijuku)29Matsushita Ayaka (Business 2 = Toin Gakuen)
13Yusuke Hanawa (Faculty 4 = Joso Gakuin)3Takato Utsumi (Person 4 = Yokohama)37Sota Utsumi (Law 3 = West Gotemba)
17Taketomi Riku (F4 = Nihon University Fujisawa)5Shun Manabe (Sentence 4 = Hiroshima Commerce)7Katsuhito Ito (Sentence 4 = Tokoha Daikikugawa)
18Kentaro Shinoki (Sales 3 = Kisarazu General)6Yuki Takahara (Law 4 = Fukui University of Technology)8Daishin Fukuoka (Law 4 = Chikuyo Gakuen)
19Daichi Ichiyanagi (Person 4 = Star International Shonan)9Hiroshi Urawa (Kya 4 = Naruto)33Yuya Nishimura (Law 3 = Chukyo University)
21Shoei Yoshitsuru (Sales 3 = Kisarazu General)23Yusei Shinagawa (Sentence 2 = Mie)36Yamato Nakatsu (Sales 3 = Otani Komatsu)
12Midori Kubota (Sales 4 = Takagawa Academy)24Ren Takekawa (Person 3 = Shiga Academy)
22Munehiro Tadokoro (C3 = Inabe Comprehensive)25Kota Yamane (Sentence 4 = Otani Komatsu)

battle review

Houdai, who showed tenacity in the pitcher’s duel against the tough opponent Ritsudai yesterday, managed to draw a draw despite the interruption due to rain, and went into today’s match to steal one point.

Kentaro Shinoki (3rd grade = Kisarazu General) is the starting pitcher for Hodai. From the first inning, he hit the 3rd and 4th in a row, but he did not let the big hitters ignite with a straight ball exceeding 150 km.

Immediately after that, in the bottom of the 1st inning, Ren Takekawa (Human 3 = Shiga Gakuen) hit a single to the left field, and the 3rd pitcher Sota Imaizumi (Hou 4 = Chukyo University Chukyo) also connected with a hit, and yesterday’s 4th hit with 3 hits.・ Takato Utsumi (Person 4 = Yokohama) got the turn at bat. He hits hard, but it’s not the same. The runner on second base, Takegawa, jumped out, and it became a double play and did not lead to a score.

Shinoki said about his condition today, “I wasn’t feeling very well.”

In the 4th inning, the batting line wanted to respond to Shinoki’s good pitch, and Daiteru Suzuki (3rd sentence = Meitoku Gijuku), who was the first pitcher in this inning, splendidly rebounded Masamune Oki’s first pitch and hit the right front, again with a chance of 1st out and 2nd base.・Takashi Utsumi gets the turn at bat. “I hit the frustrating feeling of yesterday,” he repelled the first pitch straight. The hit, which he himself says is perfect, was an oversized home run that reached the middle stage and scored two big runs.

A home run by Takashi Utsumi, who is in good form, gave the team the lead again today

However, in the 5th inning immediately after, Yuito Suzuki took the first pitch to the right direction and lost 1 point. After that, Imaizumi stopped the batted ball that flew between the 9th offshore left front hit and the 1st Daichi Saito’s three games with a diving catch. He carries a pinch of 1st and 2nd base with 1 death. But Shinoki didn’t budge. No. 2 Shinnosuke Sugaya, who attempted a sacrifice hit, pushed through and made a small fly. Shinoki grabbed 2 outs on 1st and 2nd base. Here, he put the gear back in and hit No. 3, Shintaro Nishikawa, who allowed a hit in the first inning.

With a low score, the 7th inning moved to a succession, and Taiyo Watabe went up to the mount in consecutive pitches from yesterday. It is suppressed by two strikeouts and does not give a chance of additional points. Still, in the 8th inning, a hit and a hit by pitch created opportunities for first and second base, and Ritsudai, who did not want to allow additional runs, switched to Watanabe and put in consecutive pitchers Ren Yoshino. No. 5, Yuki Takahara (Fukui University of Technology Fukui, Law 4) was walked and the bases were loaded with one out, but it did not last. I was stuck in the succession policy of Ritsudai, and it was not an additional point.

Shinoki is on the mound in the 9th inning, which is a win if you hold it down. With a voice that resounded in the hall, he quickly made two outs with a powerful pitch. Yui Suzuki, who hit a home run in the 5th inning, was a little overwhelmed and walked. showed.

Shinoki hits a two-goro ball and points to second baseman Takahara.

Shinoki, who threw through the 9th inning by himself and won a complete game, said with joy, “I was fighting until the 12th inning yesterday, and I have tomorrow, so I was thinking that I could make it easier for other pitchers, so I’m glad.” showed

An important match to get points if we win tomorrow. While all the players were enthusiastic, the captain Imaizumi also vowed with powerful words, “I will win points!” Whether the goddess of victory will smile on either side, keep an eye on how the match unfolds.

(Article: Mei Takahashi, Photo: Yuto Otake)

Close-up: Takato Utsumi “The new number 4 that shines with competitive strength! Rampage of 2 hits including the first home run! 』

Houdai’s main gun, which shows how strong it is so far. In the second round of Keio University, he hit a 2-run homer to open the scoring, and in the third round of Keio University, he hit a timely hit that scored the opening point. In the previous day’s first round at the National University, where he had the same momentum, he had three hits and a solid hit. However, in the first round of the university, he regretted that he had a good opportunity to win twice in the final stages.

The opportunity for revenge came quickly. In the 4th inning, Takashi Utsumi got the chance to hit second base with one out. “I hit the feeling that was frustrating yesterday.” He hit the ball as soon as he hit it. Takashi Utsumi doesn’t stop after that when he hits a blow that he looks back and says, “It’s perfect.” In the 3rd at bat, which came around in the 6th inning, he carried the 8th ball to the right front without giving in to the ingenuity of throwing from the offshore side, and recorded 2 hits on that day as well.

When asked about his impression of the first shot, he said, “It’s great to be able to hit for the team.” He has made great strides this season, leading the team in batting average and home runs. His two home runs are also league-leading. The main gun, which is within range of 5 RBIs and the Triple Crown, unleashes a devastating blow that leads the team to victory with the spirit of the Forza team.

(Maki Minagawa)

Takashi Utsumi (center) waving to the people in the stands

player interview

Captain Sota Imaizumi

– Looking back on today’s game
It was a tough match just like yesterday, but I’m glad we were able to persevere and win.

―You got 2 hits just like yesterday.
I’m getting more bats with good content, so I would like to continue like this.

―I think you are doing well.
Takeda (Keisuke, Keisuke 4 = Hosei) I think it’s the result of night practice with student coaches.

―You played well in defense today as well.What to keep in mind when defending
I’m trying to make sure that the pitcher’s batted ball is out.

– Enthusiasm for tomorrow’s match
Win points!

Takato Utsumi

– Looking back on today’s game
Shinoki did a great job!

― What were you thinking before you entered the home run at bat?
I threw out my regrets yesterday

-How does a home run feel?
it is perfect.

-What type of pitch did you hit?

―Please tell us your frank impression of hitting a home run.
It’s great to hit for the team.

― Enthusiasm for tomorrow
Win points!

Kentaro Shinoki

– Looking back on today’s game
I think it was good that we were able to win one first.

– What you were conscious of before pitching
I wasn’t feeling very well, so I decided to go boldly when things were bad.

– How are you today?
I’m glad I was able to lead the team to victory even though I wasn’t feeling well.

―What did you notice towards the end?
In the end, I think it’s all about how you feel, so I decided to try not to lose with my feelings and keep calm and put outs one by one.

-Became a winning pitcher
I wanted the team to win, so I’m happy.

―It was a victory after throwing out the ninth inning alone
I was playing until the 12th inning yesterday, and there is tomorrow, so I was hoping that I could make it easier for other pitchers, so it was good.

―What did Director Shigeo Kato say when he continued to cast until the final episode?
I received a word, “I’m begging you.”

― Enthusiasm for the next pitch
lead to victory.

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