Quévy finally presented its 2023 budget

Never mind, the majority is sticking to its budget roadmap for the coming months. The budget shows a bonus of 201,354 euros and an overall bonus of 498,584 euros for the specific financial year. 2.2 million euros are recorded in provisions. “We have recorded quite a lot of revenue thanks to the municipal funds, personal income tax and property tax”, explains David Volant (MR +), Alderman for Finance.

“But these revenues, although significant, did not offset our expenses.” Increased expenditure on personnel (5.8 million against 5 million last year due to the index, recruitment and appointments or scale advancement), transfer expenditure (in particular towards the CPAS, + 200,000 euros), operating (+776,164 euros, 306,000 euros gas and electricity charge).

“We are literally exploding in terms of operating expenses. In particular, it was noted that certain services relied a little too much on third-party services (+120,000 euros). We therefore made a commitment to the CRAC and the Walloon Region to change our way of working to reduce these expenses”. announces David Volant. Despite everything, usually, some investments will be made for the benefit of the inhabitants.

Nearly five million euros of planned investments

These include the purchase of reusable cups for school committees and reusable bags for businesses, various training courses, an increase in subsidies to associations and the distribution of sports/internship checks next September. However, the main expenditure will be made from the extraordinary budget, with particular attention to schools.

This will mainly involve security, compliance and development works. “The flagship project concerns the complete renovation of the municipal school of Havay”, specifies the alderman. In our columns at the beginning of the year, the alderman for education had announced the start of construction hoped for next September. The latter will then be spread over almost a year.

In terms of the living environment and security, let us highlight the relaunch of the PCDR project (municipal rural development plan) and the PCM (municipal mobility plan), the placement of new surveillance cameras, the installation of radars in Genly and in Blaregnies, flood control works in Asquillies and Givry) or the greening of villages and cemeteries.

A symbolic euro was also registered for the purchase of the school building in Givry. “If we find that certain projects are not moving forward, we will make a budget modification to include the 550,000 euros necessary for this aspect of the project.” A project which, as a reminder, is estimated at nearly five million euros and which should allow the development of a new administrative hotel.


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