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“We take it as a very big opportunity, both for us and for women’s football in general,” he says Paula Lopez. “With the exception of Barça, most teams do not have the capacity or the tools to have such an impact. At last we can have visibility and make ourselves known. There is a lot of unknown talent”, he adds Ainhoa ​​Diaz. Both, like the vast majority, have seen in the Queens League Oysho a showcase to be able to show the world their aptitudes for doing what they like best. Play football. Without distinctions or discriminations. With all the ets and uts.

The phenomenon of Gerard Piqué’s league is a reality. It’s here to stay. The proof that it has broken the charts with millions and millions of views. After the success of the Kings Leaguehas arrived Queens League. The competition of the queens who ask for a way. It took place last Sunday Draft, in the style of the NBA, to make the templates of the 12 teams that participate. They are the same as the men’s league, but made up of women: not only players, but also presidents, including streamers i influencers, trainers, physiotherapists, etc. They are the protagonists.

There are several representatives from Girona and former Girona players in the Queens League with various positions and functions. On the benches, the jonquerenca Mireia Vera is the coach of theUltimate Mostoles by Noe9977 and DjMaRiiO while Paula Lopezcousin of Arnau Martínez and also a former player of the white-and-red club, is the second coach of the I’m sorry – the franchise of Kun Agüero and Morena Beltran– with Ari Font at the helm. In the team of the ex-Argentine footballer, they have selected the players Blanca Cros and Marina Peya. On the other hand, in the Sisters of Paula Gonu and Gerard Romero hi ha Neus Juncà and Ainhoa ​​Díaz; in it XBUYER TEAM by Javi Ruíz and Eric Ruíz, Núria Llop; and in theAnnihilators d’Espe i JuanSGuarnizo, corina during. The Palamos goalkeeper Marina Barneda has signed for Porcinos d’Ibai Llanos.

The Jijantas team with Neus Juncà and Ainhoa ​​Díaz. QUEENS LEAGUE OYSHO

“I was quite nervous because I wasn’t chosen until the penultimate round. I wanted to live a completely different and new experience in football, more dynamic, which is already a boom before it starts. Apart from the fact that I have been reunited with former Girona teammates. Sharing it with people you know is an extra motivation”, he says Juncà Snows. Born in Breda, but as if she were another Girona after coming to live there a few years ago to study at the University of Girona, the defense explains that she will combine the Queens League with the Casa, where the junior B team plays and trains. “One of my colleagues encouraged me to make the video. I have already spoken with the club and I will combine the two teams”, he points out.

In the Jijantas, Juncà Snows has coincided with Begur’s goalkeeper Ainhoa ​​Diaz. “At first I wasn’t going to introduce myself – this season I had left football, although for months he has been training with the Estartit because I missed it – but my cousins ​​insisted and I’m there thanks to them. I am very happy to be part of the same team as Neus because we know each other well and know how we play. It is a very good opportunity, especially given the precedent of the Kings League. It will be in the media, for sure. Sunday for Draft there were around 360,000 people watching us… It’s not the 20 that usually come to the field”, he comments Ainhoa ​​Diaz. The begurenca values ​​the format in streaming: “Everyone has access to it. You can watch the matches on your mobile phone, you don’t even have to turn on the TV. The best thing is that priority is given to girls in a content that is increasingly popular.’ In social networks, he already has more followers than the F League.

Details that mark

Paula Lopez also values ​​this aspect. “They are people who really bet on us. Just like the sponsors. They treat us more or less like professionals and if they give their face for us, we will also give our best for them”, he considers. In this sense, the midfielder of the Cornellà talk about the relationship with Gerard Piqué, Only Aguero and company: “They are very close. They make us feel comfortable and we see them as colleagues more than as references. We respect them because they have earned their fame, but they treat us like one more, naturally and make everything more enjoyable». The end of Olot white croswho is also at Kunitas, remembers that, in addition, there will be the player number 12 (which can be changed each day). “If at Kings League he went there Ronaldinho… To know who we can meet. I would never have imagined playing with people of this professional level. You can make a thousand contacts”, he points out.

Ainhoa ​​Diaz adheres: “We have realized that we are not excluded. The league is the same as the boys play, they have taken us all to take individual photos, interviews… Details that may be normal for them, but that are new to me. I had never experienced it and I feel that we are taken into account». He thinks the same white cros: “We shouldn’t feel more valued than normal because we are treated exactly the same as the boys, but unfortunately in women’s football we feel that way. I hope it’s a turning point in the transition for people to get hooked on women’s football. It is a project that is followed worldwide”. The player of Cornellà recognizes that “I join everything that empowers the feminine and gives it visibility”. “We deserved an opportunity like this”, he concludes.

The ball will start rolling next Saturday May 6 with the first of the 11 regular league matches. The first eight classifieds will compete in the play-off on July 22 and 29. Everyone will be able to see the women’s level.

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