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He Recreational Badminton IES La Orden once again imposed the law of the winning team and this Saturday against Rinconada they revalidated their title to lift his eighth Spanish Champion Cup. Once again the team from Huelva knew how to create synergy, give their best and defeat a great rival who once again had to settle for being second. The sum of all the levels of the club and its environment once again made magic emerge from the concatenation of a large number of efforts at all levels.

[Img #321909]The architect of the history and glory of IES La Orden is Paco Ojeda, who knows a lot about badminton and also about the power of the communion of energies in search of a goal. That is why he has been very happy with what he has achieved.

“The feeling that this victory leaves is one of great well-being in the body since Telma won her match. Profound well-being of knowing that we have achieved what we have been working so hard for. Obviously victories always make you happy and we have won 8 Leagues, but this has been super difficult and they were the favourites”, Pablo Ojeda told

He had no doubts in stating that it is “a collective success. We have taken care of all the details, including all the players, coaches, board of directors, club and public, who have played a very decisive role and we are very satisfied”. That is why he stated that “We presume that we are a big family and this eighth League is the result of that. We knew that either we would add everyone’s contribution or we would not succeed”.

Ojeda has been very cautious at all times so that there was no relaxation in his team. He was before the 5-2 in the first leg at the Andrés Estrada Pavilion and after this great result before resolving the final in Rinconada. “We were perfectly aware that the 5-2 was a great result, but nothing was done and the rival is a great team, capable of coming back, because they have a squad for that”, recalled the coach from Huelva, who emphasized, as in the first leg, the role of the fans.

The role of the fans

“He appealed a lot to the fans to accompany us and feel supported and we achieved it. We put a lot of atmosphere and they carried us on the fly ”, he assured about the second leg. And he recalled that in the first leg, “we had a huge crowd at the Andrés Estrada and it was impressive how the public cheered up and how Cristóbal, the speaker made them cheer up. Our players felt wings on their feet and those from Rinconada felt sacks on their shoulders. It was a big [Img #321908]environment and any player likes to play in it”. He commented that even the directors of the Spanish Federation who attended the final were pleasantly surprised by the great Huelva fans.

In purely sporting terms, it remained a great moment of the return match and the achievement of the title with the great victory of the Portuguese Telma Santos against the Spanish international Bea Corrales. “The final has many keys to highlight but I prefer the great game that Telma played at 39 years old against a younger one, who is in a high-performance center and who is a Spanish international. Her victory is to write her down in the history books, ”she highlighted. She added to this that “Thelma’s victory was a great joy for everyone, because she deserves it. She is an athlete who, since she arrived at the club, is like her at home and she has given everything and we have tremendous esteem for her”.

Regarding the panorama of support from the entity that for many years has not seen its high sporting level rewarded with the economic account to sustain its structure and face great challenges, Ojeda wanted to highlight that “there is a before and after with the support of the Huelva City Council . Since 2021 we have been able to convey that it is worth betting on this club to the death ”.

More champion teams and the European

Along these lines, he recalled that “we have a champion first team”, but also that the second team has won the Bronze League and has made the leap to Silver and that the third team has also done its homework and in less than a month will fight for promotion to the Bronze League. To this he added that “we have many players on the podium and we have a great club structure, which we already said that as soon as we had financial support we would revive the structure and we are starting. If the support continues, we will continue to grow a lot”.

After being champion of Spain, the next step is to face a new European Championship, which will also take place in Oviedo and for which they will have the entire squad. “It’s played closer, in Oviedo and now that we’ve won the title we have to finish organizing everything. We will go to Europe to try to do very well because Huelva deserves it”.

He opined that “rivals are always unknown, because teams change a lot and are modified and reinforced. We have a very solid team to fight to be at the top and I’m sure we’ll be very close”. He reflected that “last year we could not count on Pablo Abian and with him we would not have finished fifth, but this year we are going to be complete and hopefully we perform well and luck is with us. What we are clear about is that if we want to be at the top we have to do it well, no matter who puts us in front of us”.

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