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He Recreational Badminton IES La Orden lifted its eighth League title on Saturday and in the midst of the explosion of joy for achieving a new success, the Huelva club caused surprise that Pablo Abian he will not win the award for best player in the competition. The Aragonese is the one with the best winning percentage in the League, but the award went to the player from Rinconada James Perez, an erroneous award with the regulation as a base and that in the national badminton environment is interpreted as a new stick in the wheel by the federative entity.

[Img #321959]You have to remember that Abián has denounced Fesba and CSD in court for not granting him the internship scholarship at the Joaquín Blume Residence Hall in Madrid, despite meeting all the criteria, and for not allowing him to play at their facilities despite his status as a high-performance athlete. He is not called up to the Spanish team either, although he continues to demonstrate with results that he is the best Spanish midfielder in history and that he has not lost to any other national player for more than a decade.

In article 38 of the regulations of the League For the 2022-23 season, it is detailed that “the recognition of the best player in the competition will be awarded to the player who, having played at least 66% of the maximum number of matches possible in the regular phase, has obtained a higher percentage of victories. In the event of a tie, the best balance of sets and points won will be used. Intermediate classifications will be established until the final classification where the criteria for minimum participation in matches will be 50%.

Pablo Abian won 12 of the 13 games played in the Regular League, which represents a percentage of 92.30 percent, taking into account that there is a match in which pairing with Haideé Ojeda Ravachol Pontevedra did not show up for the mixed doubles. If that duel is not counted, his percentage in the regular phase would be 91.66%.

For his part, Jaume Pérez won 13 of 15 duels played in the Regular League, which yields a percentage of 86.66 percent, lower than that of Abián in both cases.

In the semifinals, the IES La Orden player won the two games he played and in the final 3 out of 4. In total in the competition they won 17 of their 19 games, which yields 89.47 percent.

Pérez won the only duel he played in the semifinals and both in the final. In total he added 16 wins in 18 duels, 88.88 percent.

In the event of a tie, the best balance of sets and points is looked to break the tie and there Pablo Abián has 37 sets in his favor (48 in favor and 11 against) and 210 points (589-379) for the 30 sets (51-21) and 155 points (724 -569) by Jaume Pérez.

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