Pablo Abián and the advantage of a 5-2 in the first leg



The player Pablo Abián, from Recreativo Badminton IES La Orden de Huelva, warned that they have to go “very well prepared” to face the return match of the final for the Club League title of this sport against Badminton Rinconada- Sevilla, one of the 30 clubs that are part of ACELITE, to make good the 5-2 of the first leg.

The Aragonese volantista, who won the mixed doubles and their individual duel in the first leg played last weekend in Huelva, assured Efe that the 5-2 result is a “very good” result, but pointed out that the Huelva team is fully aware that at home Rinconada will go out to play “very intense” this coming Saturday.

“Rinconada knows that if they want to win the final, everything has to go very well and we are aware that we have to be very well prepared to close this result,” he stressed.

Abián pointed out that the players of both Recre IES La Orden and Rinconada are “accustomed to playing this type of finals” and that for this reason they know that “any type of detail can mark the win or lose”.

From the first leg, he highlighted the importance of the support they received from the fans, who filled the Andrés Estrada Pavilion from Huelva.

“They have supported us from the first point and to the end, they have carried us on the fly; and that shows on the court,” stressed the Recreativo La Orden player, who heard how all the fans from Huelva shouted “Pablo Abián” from the stands , selection”, in response to his absence from the calls of the Spanish Federation, despite the fact that he has shown that he is still the best active Spanish player in history.

“Here they treat me great and they love me a lot, and I love them too”, commented Abián, who, laconic, indicated about this circumstance: “in badminton you have to earn the merits to go to the national team and anything else in the track, and the results are there”.

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