MLB: White Sox pitcher overcomes cancer after months of chemotherapy

Chicago, Illinois /

This Wednesday April 5th, Liam Hendrixone of the most dominant closers in recent times in the Major League Baseball (MLB), achieved the most important victory of his life: beat cancer thanks to chemotherapies.

It was through his Instagram account that the serpentinero of Chicago White Sox He published a video where he appears playing the ‘victory bell‘ after going through your last chemotherapy. Likewise, the Australian accompanied said recording with an emotional message of thanks after overcoming the disease.

“Five months ago my life changed forever. You never think that you will be the one to hear ‘you have cancer’ but there I was… in shock and fear without knowing what comes next, ”wrote the player on his social network.

Last January, Hendriks disclosed his cancer diagnosis, specifically non-hodgkin lymphoma; disease that affects the white blood cells, so he immediately entered treatment to launch again in Big leagues.

“These five months have been the fastest and the slowest of my life. Being able to ring that victory bell has been one of the most emotional things I’ve ever done,” the pitcher said.

After declaring that he beat cancer, Hendriks announced in recent days that he will soon return to activity with the Chicago organization to play his 13th season in The majors.

“Happy Opening Day, White Sox fans. I just wanted to let you know that I am about to start my last round of chemotherapy. So I’ll see you on the south coast soon. Let’s play,” said the 34-year-old Australian.

In the 2022 regular season of the MLB, Liam he added a record of four wins and four losses, also posted a 2.81 earned run average, 37 saves, and 85 strikeouts.


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