Maximum penalty for Celta B

More than five months later, Celta B was once again defeated by their fans. It had not happened since November 29, the date on which Castilla managed to take the three points from Balaídos. And it came, precisely, in a day in which the rest of the results offered the people from Vigo an excellent opportunity to establish themselves in playoff positions and leave their closest rival seven points behind.

The match for Claudio Giráldez’s team against Unionistas de Salamanca was not good, especially in the first half. The start of the second half promised better things until the Asturian referee Jaime Ruiz Álvarez became the protagonist by signaling a penalty in an action between Hugo Álvarez and Iván Chapela, in which the player from Salamanca collapsed inside the area seconds after noticing a brush with celtic.

Chapela himself transformed the shot into the goal that would end up giving victory to his team and Ruiz Álvarez would once again be the protagonist in the final moments by stomping Hugo Álvarez himself on the same line outside the area, which would have provided Celta B the opportunity to achieve at least the tie from the fateful point.

The initial forty-five minutes showed a Celtic subsidiary without the joy of other occasions. Either because of an excess of desire and haste, or because of the good high pressure initially raised by the Unionistas or because on this occasion the pieces chosen by Claudio Giráldez for his starting eleven did not quite fit, football from Vigo did not flow as in previous appointments.

Iker Losada, who reappeared yesterday, chases a ball. // MARTA G. BREA

Despite everything, Miguel Rodríguez was about to complete an unforgettable weekend and trace the goal achieved with the first team. But this time he over-adjusted a low shot that skimmed the post.

Of course, the people from Salamanca also had a good chance after half an hour of play, in a corner kick that Antonio Leal ended up finishing off in a very good position at the hands of Ruly.

Giráldez was not very happy with the first part of his team and introduced two variations at halftime. And the truth is that they were already noticed from the initial whistle. Raúl Blanco brought freshness and dynamism to the offense and Sotelo, without having his best day, gave fluidity, continuity and depth to the Celtic game.

They were the best moments of the locals. Raúl was close to goal after a great combination with Miguel, but his shot went just wide. Meanwhile, the redondelano forced Salva de la Cruz to stop one of his feared left-footed blows in two stages.

However, the good feelings suddenly vanished when Iván Chapela vanished inside the local area and the referee signaled the penalty spot.

The goal against unleashed Celtic nervousness and Unionistas were even able to increase the income in a shot from Borja Díaz, which Ruly deflected with his foot for a corner.

The expulsion of Nespral by bringing down Lauti when he was already facing the visitor’s goal opened the door to more than ten minutes of hope to rescue at least one point.

Celta B tried but it was not fine. Raúl crashed the dangerous foul caused by Lauti into the barrier. And Miguel did not find the goal after a pass from Hugo Álvarez in a strategic action.

The game was dying with the subsidiary overturned when Hugo Álvarez invented a dribble over the area line. The defender steps on him and the referee whistles. However, when everyone was waiting for the penalty and the option to equalize from eleven meters away, the referee decides that the action took place outside the area, vanishing the last Celtic option to avoid defeat.


Celta B: Ruly, Iván López (Lauti, min.67), Javi Rodríguez (Fran López, min.88), Carlos Domínguez (Iker Losada, min.67), Gael, Medrano, San Bartolomé (Hugo Sotelo, min.46), Damián , Clemente Montes (Raúl Blanco, min.46), Miguel and Hugo Álvarez.

Unionists: De la Cruz, Fran, Pedraza, Antonio Leal, Jon Rojo, Nespral, Óscar Sanz (Unai Veiga, min.71), Chapela (Mikel Carro, min.82), De la Nava (Borja, min.62), Juampa Barros (Beneit, min.46) and Losada (Ahm, min.71)

Goals: 0-1, min.58: Chapela, from penalty.

Referee: Jaime Ruiz Alvarez (Asturias). He sent off the visiting player Nespral with a direct red card (min.81) and reprimanded Antonio Leal, Borja Díz and Ahm and the local Carlos Domínguez. Incidences: Abanca Balaídos About 2,500 spectators.


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