Marta Martínez: Crazy about basketball

Lucas Haurie

Lucas Haurie

She’s glued to an orange basketball all day. She is the captain of Milar Córdoba, she married the coach of the children’s team and, when she is resting, she watches the NBA and the evolution of the great Stephen Curry, of the San Francisco Warriors.

Two years ago, he enjoyed the deferred dream of promotion for more than a decade. She was promising in swimming, she was not bad at rhythmic gymnastics, she excelled in volleyball, played soccer and badminton, and was passionate about tennis, but out of so many sports he tried, he stayed with basketball, along with his brother in the Salsas Musa team. His wingspan, 177 centimeters, and ability with the ball caught the attention of an Adeba coach.

It was the moment in which one had to decide between tennis or basketball and opted for the basket, because he preferred a collective sport. He later combined studies and baskets, since the university regional bronze was hung with Seville.

It is an essential part of the Cordovan project. Grit and intensity are virtues of his dominant role as a power forward. When he seriously focused on basketball, he only had to walk a few steps to train at Vista Alegre, at only thirteen years old. She made her official debut in the 2009-10 campaign and established herself a year later with a memorable promotion to the Women’s League 2, but as usually happens in these categories, the lack of financial support prevented her from playing where, due to sporting merits, Adeba belonged. Precisely, this scourge on finances contributed to two city classics, the Adeba and the Maristas, merging. Eleven years later, Marta managed to get the thorn out of the promotion.

The dispersed and feminine forces of califal basketball originated a powerful project. The union and love for basketball devoured historic quarrels and rivalries. During this time, he also overcame two very serious cruciate ligament injuries in his knee. Basketball gave him back the dream of his life, to stand out and have fun close to home. The adrenaline that it generates hooks him more to his passion for the basket. She is the captain and great reference of Milar Córdoba. Chance wanted her to star in the 1,000 point of the team in the Women’s League 2 and the 2,000 point. She continues as one of the team’s scorers, although she never stops contributing rebounds and defense. After a season to forget in the Challenge League, as the team could not be properly strengthened, Marta’s renewal once again excites the club, which has to row during the summer to try, once again, for promotion.

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