Manuel Krainz surprisingly changes to Grödig

Ex-Austria captain in future in the Salzburg league


Manuel Krainz fixed the 3:1 of Salzburg Austria with a dream volley.

Ex-Austria captain Manuel Krainz is moving to SV Grödig. Only in winter did the midfielder decide on a professional opportunity.

That happened quickly: Just a little more than two months after his “resignation” from Salzburger Austria to pursue a new professional path, former viola captain Manuel Krainz apparently found a new club. The 31-year-old will be lacing up his shoes for SV Grödig in the future when they enter the Salzburg league in the summer.

Manuel Krainz hesitated with Grödig change

“Immediately after he left Austria Salzburg, we contacted Manuel and told him about our plan here in Grödig,” said Grödig coach Arsim Deliu at SALZBURG24, explaining the negotiations with Krainz, who wasn’t sure at the beginning of the talks. “Last week he contacted us and agreed,” continued Deliu. Those responsible at Flachgau didn’t hesitate and signed the midfielder for an indefinite period. “As long as Manuel feels like it, he should play for us,” added Arsim Deliu.

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