LIVE: Somers gives Cercle an over-deserved lead with buffalo punch | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

  1. 16′ – Goal – Thibo Somers (1 – 0)

For KV Kortrijk, every point currently seems like a bonus point. Bernd Storck’s team seems to have finally crawled out of the relegation valley. For Cercle Brugge – just like 11 other teams – there is still a ticket for the Europe play-offs on the table. Follow the game here from 4 p.m.

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  1. first half, minute 24. Vandenberghe to the rescue. It’s raining opportunities in the Jan Breydel stadium. Siguet once again presents an excellent corner shelf. Vandenberghe can only just whip Popovic’s header out of his goal. .
  2. first half, minute 22. Bernd Storck is anything but satisfied with his team’s performance. Cercle again comes close to scoring but Silva saves from the line. .
  3. first half, minute 18.
  4. Goal during the first half, minute 16 by Thibo Somers of Cercle Brugge. 1, 0.
  5. first half, minute 15. 1-0: Somers completes a great attack with a buffalo punch! It has had some feet in the earth, but now we can note the 1-0 with a thick marker. Daland opens nicely on Deman, who served his buddy Somers perfectly in the sixteen. The man with 3 lungs heads the opening goal from close range past a hopeless Vandenberghe. .
  6. Daland against the crossbar. Once again Kortrijk escapes an early deficit. Siquet cuts a corner kick perfectly, after which Daland nods the leather against the crossbar. The visitors are barely keeping their heads above water. . first half, minute 13.
  7. first half, minute 12. Kortrjik does not know what to do with the high pressure of the home team for the time being. The visitors have never been dangerous and are currently limited to defending. .
  8. first half, minute 7.
  9. Not a dream start for Cercle then. There it is, after all, at the end. In the run-up to the goal it becomes clear that Siquet is still pushing the ball towards Ueda. The images show that the Japanese was indeed offside. So no 1-0 for De Vereniging. . first half, minute 7.
  10. first half, minute 5. Still no decision. It still takes a very long time before a decision is made. The supporters also cannot taste the long wait and treat the referees to a solid whistle concert. .
  11. first half, minute 3. 1-0: Ueda scores from offside or not! We’re less than 3 minutes away and there’s already the opening goal! After fumbling in the Kortrijk defense, the ball falls at Ueda’s feet. The Japanese does not hesitate and shoots his 15th goal of the season bone dry against the nets. A dream start for the home side. Although the VAR must first draw the line for alleged offside. .
  12. first half, minute 2.
  13. first half, minute 1. KICK OFF. The ball rolls into Jan Breydel. Will Cercle Brugge reinforce its top 8 ambitions or will KV Kortrijk allow itself extra breathing space in the battle for preservation? .
  14. first half, minute 1 match started
  15. in advance, 15h36. This will be a crucial game for both teams. We need points for the top 8 and Kortrijk to ensure retention. Cercle coach Miron Muslic.
  16. in advance, 15:31. This will be a very intense and physical match. KVK trainer Bernd Storck.
  17. in advance, 15:22. Money time. There is still something at stake for both teams in the last 4 games of the regular season. Cercle Brugge is one point behind Anderlecht, which is currently in 8th place in the standings. Together with Sint-Truiden, Leuven and Charleroi, the home team is still in the race for the Europe Pay-offs. Kortrijk, on the other hand, is 6 points above the first relegation spot and has been in calmer waters since the takeover of Bernd Storck as T1. Will visitors soon take a new step towards conservation? .
  18. in advance, 3 pm 14. Never change a winning Kortrijk team. After the great 1-0 win against Club Brugge, KV Kortrijk is very close to the rescue. New points win over Jan Breydel would give the visitors extra breathing space when entering the last straight line. Bernd Storck follows the motto “never change a winning team” seamlessly and does not make any changes to his team. .


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