LIVE – Lille-Lorient: LOSC leads, the Hakes are not there

It’s halftime!

At the end of the first 45 minutes, Lille lead against Lorient (1-0), thanks to a goal from French midfielder Rémy Cabella (13th).

New strike from Lille

From afar, it’s Bamba who takes his chance with the right, but Mannone is vigilant and can catch the ball.

First yellow card of this match

It’s Abergel who is warned, for a foul on… Cabella.

Lille keep pushing

The Lille get a new corner, thanks to Cabella.

Another big strike from Lille

By far, Ang. Gomes strikes from the right, but Mannone flies away and sends the danger away for a corner!

It’s tense between Abergel and Cabella

The referee blows his whistle and then calls everyone to order.

Dieng crashes into the box!

But the referee does not flinch…

A Lille attack is again stopped

In the box, Cabella tries a header, but Talbi blocks it. Weah is then flagged offside.

3/9 for Lille

On nine shots, Lille has already framed three including his goal.

9-0 for Lille

This is the record in terms of shots, for the moment, between Lille and Lorient.

Lille have the ball

58% possession for LOSC, against 42% for Lorient.

Bayo comes into play

For Lille, he replaces Ounas, who therefore cannot continue.

It’s over for Ounas

Ounas is sitting on the lawn. He cannot continue and will already be replaced.

Lorient still under pressure!

In the area, Cabella takes his chance from the right, but Mannone is vigilant and pushes his attempt away!

Weah se montre

From a distance, Weah takes his chance from the right, but Mannone fends off the danger!

Ounas strikes again

From a distance, Ounas takes his chance from the left, but it’s off target.

Lille goes on

On this corner shot from right to left, Alexsandro, in the area, tries a header, but his ball misses!

Lille close to 2-0!

After a one-two, David, at the entrance to the area, wraps his shot from the left, but his ball, countered by Meïté, ends up wide! Corner for Lille.

Waste for Lorient

It’s unusual, but Lorient has lost ground since the start of this meeting.

And five for Cabella

Cabella scored his fifth Ligue 1 goal of the season.

Lorient’s reaction?

Ponceau gets a first corner for his people.

Lille takes the lead!!!!

Perfectly well found in the area by Angel Gomes, from a small outside of the right, Cabella, on the right, dribbled to get on his left foot, before scoring, with a low shot!

Ounas tries his hand at striking

In the area, Ounas strikes from the left, but he is countered by Ponceau.

Cabella insists

Cabella, in the area, can hit again, from the left, but this time his ball flies over.

A first strike for Lille

In the area, Cabella takes his chance with the left, but Meïté counters him.

The Lille attack is stopped

The flag goes up for an offside by Gudmundsson.

Lille have the ball

At the start of the game, Lille already have their foot on the ball and are trying to settle in the opposing camp.

Let’s go for the first period!

The kick-off was given and Lorient engaged.

A match for David?

Since the start of this Ligue 1 season, Lille’s top scorer, also at the top of the French championship top scorer rankings, like French striker Kylian Mbappé (24), is Canadian striker Jonathan David (23 years), already author of 19 goals scored but also four assists. On the side of Lorient, it is the French midfielder Enzo Le Fée (23 years old), with already four goals scored but also six assists delivered.

Lorient can (temporarily) overtake Nice

For its part, Lorient (twelve wins, eight draws, eight defeats) is eighth (but seventh away) with 44 points, 41 goals scored and 37 goals conceded. A victory and the Merlus will pass seventh, ahead of Nice.

Lille, the fifth place to reach

In the French championship standings, Lille (fourteen wins, seven draws, seven losses) is sixth (but fourth at home) with 49 points, the fourth best attack (51 goals scored) and 36 goals conceded. A victory and LOSC would climb to fifth position.

Lorient has trouble traveling

Away and in Ligue 1, Lorient’s last victory dates back to January 1st. It was then on the lawn of Angers (1-2). Since then, traveling in the league, the club has chained three defeats and remains on two draws.

Lorient, a series to continue

Lorient’s last defeat in Ligue 1 dates back to February 26. it was then against Auxerre (0-1). Since then, in the elite, the club has chained a victory and two draws.

Lille master at home

At home, Lille has not lost a single game since August 31. it was then in Ligue 1, against Nice (1-2). Since then, in its lair and in all competitions, the club has had nine wins and four draws.

Lille on its way?

In Ligue 1, Lille have lost only one of their last eight games. It was then on February 19, on the lawn of PSG (4-3). For also four wins and three draws.

The pass of two for Lorient?

The last confrontation between the two teams dates back to October 2. On the ninth day of Ligue 1, Lorient then beat Lille (2-1), with goals from French defender Lille Bafodé Diakité against his side (9th) and French defender Théo Le Bris (87th) from one side, against an achievement by Canadian striker Jonathan David (78th) on the other.

… and on that of Lorient

Compared to the last outing, of March 19, in Ligue 1, on the lawn of Nice (1-1), Régis Le Bris makes two changes to his starting XI. Brazilian defender Igor Silva (26), suspended, and French midfielder Enzo Le Fée (23), absent, are replaced by French midfielder Julien Ponceau (22) and French striker Yoann Cathline ( 20 years).

A 4-1-4-1 system: Mannone – T. Le Bris, B. Meite, Talbi, Le Goff – Abergel (c) – Faivre, Makengo, Ponceau, Cathline – B. Dieng.

Replacements: Pollersbeck (g), Aouchiche, Bellon, Diarra, Doucouré, Kari, Koné, Wackers, Yongwa.

Absent: Igor Silva, Innocent, Kalulu, Laporte and Mvogo.

Zoom on the starting composition of Lille…

Compared to the last match, of March 18, in Ligue 1, on the lawn of Toulouse (0-2), Paulo Fonseca makes just one small change to his starting XI. Portuguese midfielder André Gomes (29), suspended, is replaced by French midfielder Benjamin André (32), back from suspension.

A 4-2-3-1 system: Knight – Weah, Fountain (c), Alexsandro, Gudmundsson – Andrew, Ang. Gomes – Ounas, Hair, J. Bamba – J. David.

Replacements: Costil (g), Baleba, Bayo, Diakite, Martin, Ramet, Virginius, Yoro, Zhegrova.

Absent: Boy, Andy. Gomes and Ismaily.

Jérémie Pignard at the whistle

At the Pierre-Mauroy stadium in Villeneuve-d’Ascq, the referee of the match will be Jérémie Pignard.

Hello everyone!

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