Judo initiation schools will be expanded – El Sol de Tulancingo

Fernando Pérez Serrano, director of the Hidalguense High Performance Sports Center of the Hidalguense Sports Institute, reported that work is already underway to open another judo school that complements the work of the CDHAR, which would be based at the Revolución Mexicana Sports Complex.

This is due to the drop in results that began to occur a few years ago in this sport, proof of this, that for this Olympic cycle there were no people from Hidalgo looking for a ticket to the Olympic Games.

“Hidalguense judo is a top discipline, it has been among the three best nationally, very close to Nuevo León and Baja California”, therefore, this sport will be implemented at the Revolución Mexicana Sports Complex.

The manager pointed out that it is intended to bring this sport closer to neighborhoods like La Raza where he refers, there are many possibilities to find people with potential for this discipline.

“If we capture these guys with that character and strength, it will bring results, this maximum of two years, they would be strong at their level,” said Pérez Serrano.

In turn, he said, that a Japanese coach will arrive in the near future, this as a result of knocking on doors to hire a methodologist, “the general director of the Hidalguense Sports Institute, signed a collaboration agreement with the International Collaboration Office through judo volunteering and that is why we will have the support of a coach.

“We need a methodologist, it was requested in the volunteer service and at the moment there is no one available, we continue working on this issue to solve it and have a true methodologist who is essential in high performance.”



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