Jecheon City ‘2023 Cheongpunghobae National Badminton Competition’ held in Jecheon!:Pil Jeong 正筆

▲ ‘2023 Cheongpunghobae National Badminton Competition’ held in Jecheon!

[정필=김다영 기자 [email protected]] The ‘2023 Cheongpunghobae National Badminton Competition’ will be held for two days from April 1st to 2nd at Jecheon Semyung University Gymnasium and other badminton-only stadiums.

This Cheongpunghobae National Badminton Competition is organized by the Jecheon City Badminton Association, and 1,400 players and officials from the national badminton club participate in a large number of players and events to show off their polished skills to the fullest.

This tournament, which celebrates its 13th this year, is expected to be the starting point to revitalize the badminton competition, which has been stagnant in the aftermath of Corona 19, and the games are male and female by age group (20s to 60s) and grade (A to E grade). ·Women’s doubles, mixed doubles, etc. are divided into preliminary and final tournaments.

According to Jecheon City, through preemptive sports marketing, not only badminton matches are held in April in the new spring, but also the Chungbuk Youth Sports Festival and National Boys Sports Festival Volleyball Evaluation, Jecheon Mayor’s Life Sports Soccer Tournament, Asian Gain Inline Speed ​​Roller National Team Selection Tournament, Korea University Table Tennis Federation Tournament Since major competitions such as the World Universiade and World Universiade selection will be held in various places in Jecheon, it is expected that the visit of the national athletes to Jecheon will also contribute to boosting the local economy.


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