Jannik Sinner, the total player

Little by little we are seeing a large batch of young tennis players who seem ready to take over the Big 3. In this generation they stand out above the rest Carlos Alcaraz y Jannik Sinnerthat in the six games they have played at the level ATP They have given us vibrant battles with a very high level of tennis that has given us fun and excitement as well as a maximum equality that causes both to have won the same number of duels, three. All those meetings have had comings and goings and options for both, in addition, each time they face each other they improve what they did on the previous occasion.

Jannik Sinner’s victory in Miami has confirmed him as Carlos Alcaraz’s great rival in the future, and it is that tactically the Italian has once again taken a step forward like the one he already took in the past at Wimbledon and has been able to counteract the such aggressive tennis from Murcia. With this victory, the player from northern Italy becomes the first to have beaten Carlitos on all three surfaces, which shows that Sinner has the weapons to win on any track and is also capable of devising different strategies depending on how the conditions are. game conditions. This makes him without a doubt one of the most dangerous tennis players on the circuit, since this season he has also polished several of the aspects that he had pending.

Last season Sinner had great results in the Grand Slams, where he reached the quarterfinals in three of the four ‘majors’. However, he had numerous physical problems that weighed him down for much of the year and prevented him from having the necessary continuity, which caused him to leave the top 10 and a small step back in terms of ranking despite the fact that his year had been better at stake. in 2022, because in 2021 he stayed something, especially in big matches, since he fell twice in the first round of the Slams.


hand in hand Simon Vagnozzi y Darren Cahill, with whom he has worked for over a year, Sinner has changed many aspects of his tennis and has become much more than just an aggressive player on the baseline. To begin with, the Italian suffered a lot with his forehand, he couldn’t get it to be definitive and now, despite the fact that he still has room for improvement, it’s a shot with which he achieves many winners and also manages to open up many angles.

It is also necessary to highlight his evolution in the network, in his first steps the Italian had one of his weak points there and now he has been improving to the point that he is not afraid to go forward to close the plays and shorten the points. For this reason he had a great performance at Wimbledon, where it should be remembered that he had a whole Novak Djokovic on the ropes. On the other hand, in this 2023 the good planning of the calendar and the hard training have given him an extra physically, so so far this season he has not had any discomfort or been forced to retire, he only missed the ATP of Marseille due to fever.

All these qualities and the fact of subtracting so deep -which was one of the keys against Alcaraz- have made Sinner an all-round player who this season has barely lost four games, all of them against great players who were going through a good moment of form, Therefore, all the matches that the Italian has given up have been ones that a tennis player can afford to lose. Logically, the good game and the victories have rewarded him and he will leave Miami once again in the top 10 and if he wins the title he would be very close to the top 5, a goal that he can achieve on the dirt tour.

Miami is undoubtedly one of the places where the Italian performs best, who reached his first Masters 1000 final precisely in that city in 2021, that season in which he was pointing ways, but it was difficult for him to manage all the media noise. Now, making less noise, Sinner has improved as a tennis player to the point of being considered one of the successors of the Big 3, almost nothing.


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