J.26: The bitterness of relegation gives way to some vibrant #Playoffs for promotion

They made it alive to the last day of competition where mathematics supported their options for permanence, but the results obtained ended up costing the category to some Brisasol CB Salou, La Antigua CB Tormes and Baskonia that will be EBA League teams next season. CB L´Hospitalet and Safir Fruits Alginet will play the Playout for permanence from the Eastern Conference while Baloncesto Talavera and Real Canoe will do so from the West after a day that in turn marked the Playoff crosses for promotion.


In a last day that was reached with several fronts still open, the LEB Silver League resolved its last unknowns by establishing the Playoffs crosses, the two Playout qualifiers and deciding the first four relegation places to the EBA League.

PLAYOFFS This will be the path of the 16 candidates for promotion

PLAYOUT: A double elimination to be able to save the category

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In a clear ascending line since the arrival of Josep Pérez to the team, CB L’Horta Godella had to win in their last match so as not to depend on third party results. Because only in this way, the Valencian team was going to be able to reach some PLayoffs for the promotion that came after winning at home against a Class Sant Antoni that put up a tough battle, but could not contain the point guard from Lliria. The best way to certify their classification on a night in which Gran Canaria had not been able to fulfill their part of the equation when they fell at home against Hestia Menorca. A day in which CB Prat fed the dream of promotion by beating Maderas Sorli Benicarló and in which permanence took tragic overtones with the relegation of CB Salou on the field of a CB L’Hospitalet that thus reached the Playouts together with a Safir Fruits Alginet that overwhelmed the Lobe Huesca on its track.

In the Western Conference, the intractable UBU Tizona crowned a great Regular League by beating Clínicas Ponferrada SDP in El Planío. A great farewell to a season that was excessively complicated below for La Antigua CB Tormes whose resounding defeat at home against CB Prat was going to end up costing them their permanence in the category. A result on which a Talavera Basketball depended that even so did not fail against Zamora Enamora, thus fleeing from triple draws with a Baskonia that had beaten Decolor FG La Roda on their court.


Eastern Conference:

– Gran Canaria vs Hestia Menorca (61-64) | MVP: A. Etxeguren – 22 val.
– Gaudí CB Mollet vs Odilo FC Cartagena (78-86) | MVP: S. Mendiola – 23 val.
– Maderas Sorlí Benicarló vs CB Prat (68-75) | MVP: T. Buljan – 17 wave.
– Lobe Huesca La Magia vs Safir Fruits Alginet (46-84) | MVP: H. Preston – 37 val.
– Fibwi Palma vs CB Cornellà (82-87) | MVP: V. Kovacevic – 37 val.
– Class Sant Antoni vs CB L´Horta Godella (90-95) | MVP: J. Pérez – 34 values.
– CB L´Hospitalet vs Brisasol CB Salou (79-62) | MVP: D. Knowles – 27 val.

Western Conference:

– UBU Tizona vs Ponferrada Clinics SDP (100-87) | MVP: A. Alonso – 19 val.
– Rioverde Clavijo vs. Damex UDEA Algeciras (67-60) | MVP: T. Chapero – 22 val.
– Melilla Sport Capital vs Teknei Zornotza (73-86) | MVP: F. Happiness – 20 val.
– La Antigua CB Tormes vs Minuscenter Morón (67-96) | MVP: L. Kouadio – 43 val.
– EnerParking Navarra vs Real Canoe (95-83) | MVP: A. Rodriguez – 24 val.
– Cazoo Baskonia vs Decolor FG La Roda (74-69) | MVP: M. Solé – 29 val.
Basketball Talavera vs. Zamora Enamora (68-62) | MVP: A. Martinez – 25 val.


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