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The Q36.5 Summer 2023 cycling clothing collection arrives online and in stores

Since its inception in 2013, the Bolzano-based brand has distinguished itself by distinctive, careful and meticulous Research and Development work. The Q36.5 R&D department continually challenges itself with new experiments, producing technical innovations aimed at reaching a high level of technicality, dedicated to the true cyclist, without compromise and for all seasons, including summer.

Patented fabrics, maximum attention to comfort, safety and performance: these are the mottos of the new PV2023 collection, elements whose common thread is one: thermoregulation. The name of the brand itself refers us to this word: Q from “quaerere” in Latin, which means “to seek”, and 36.5, the ideal temperature in °C for a healthy body.

The basis of the products in the new Q36.5 collection for spring/summer 2023 is therefore thermoregulation, comfort and protection. To which is added, as always, ecological awareness.

The new line includes garments with innovative fabrics, new triathlon products, new graphics and colors, as well as some new accessories, such as caps and summer armbands with UV protection.

Below is a selection of the flagship garments, the most emblematic of the new collection.


A historic bestseller for Q36.5, the Pinstripe Jersey 2023 jersey features an innovative new cut with minimal use of seams. The revolutionary and patented Q36.5 Pinstripe, UF Pinstripe PRO fabric from which the jersey is made is highly breathable and offers a 50% faster drying time than any other polyester fabric. It uses new superfine yarns that create a fabric that is 10% more breathable than the original Pinstripe. This translates into better thermoregulation to keep the athlete cool even on the hottest days and during the most intense efforts. In addition, thanks to the rough texture of the fabric and the seamless front part, the jersey cuts through the air more effectively, favoring aerodynamics at speeds between 40 and 59 km/h. The addition of silver thread throughout the fiber of the fabric also provides antistatic and antielectrosmog properties. Pre-molded for an ergonomic position on the bike, the jersey features an invisible pocket system, laser-cut sleeves and a sliding front zipper. UF Pinstripe PRO is extremely strong and durable: it resists constant rubbing at pack contact points.

Pinstripe is available in sizes XS to XXL, for women and men, in ten different colours: from classic black to cobalt blue, through curry yellow, sienna and Australian Green.


The garments from the Q36.5 Clima collection are ideal for the upcoming season: thanks to the revolutionary Graphene Yarn Technology (exclusive use of graphene yarn in the fabric) and the incorporation of silver thread in the fabric fiber , the kit offers state-of-the-art thermoregulation to keep the cyclist cool during the hottest rides. The second skin effect is guaranteed, ensuring maximum comfort for the cyclist even during the most intense efforts.


The new Dottore Clima Bib Shorts offer the ultimate in performance, lightness, durability and muscle support, with minimal seams. The Dottore Clima bib shorts improve the athlete’s performance in each cycling outing thanks to the ergogenic solutions of Q36.5’s continuous research in the development and improvement of the fabrics with which the shorts are made.
Also in the case of pants, the interest in comfort and performance is linked to the fundamental principle of thermoregulation.
The bib shorts incorporate the innovative patented high-density gradual compression system of Q36.5 with super-light and resistant jacquard fabric, combined with the new multi-density anatomical insert and the new super-light Power Mesh bibs. The special construction of the fabric favors gradual compression to stimulate blood flow. The genuine silver thread, with antibacterial, antistatic and protection against electrosmog properties, is integrated into the weft of the fabric and helps reduce muscle fatigue. In addition, the shorts have strategically placed panels to offer maximum support while pedaling, reduce muscle fatigue and increase balance. The construction of the abdominal area has been modified by inserting an ultralight fabric made with a special thread that favors heat dissipation to help the cyclist’s core stay cool and dry. In the crotch panel, the central seam that usually causes pressure and discomfort when pedaling has been eliminated, and the contact surface between the saddle and the pad has been optimized. Here, the Dyneema® fabric offers greater durability and favors the thermoregulation of this delicate area thanks to the conductive properties of the polyethylene fibers. In addition, to increase comfort in the pelvic area, an anti-stress cut allows greater freedom of movement and the absence of pressure points. The chamois is made with a new three-dimensional Super Molded-Anatomic construction that follows the anatomy of the human body and offers unprecedented comfort while pedaling. The foam padding is calibrated according to a pattern of varying densities and thicknesses in the perineal, ischial, genital and gluteal areas, resulting in an extremely sophisticated adjustment of overall comfort.
The straps are distinguished by a new tubular design, soft and breathable, which allows the bust to move without hindrance. Thanks to the natural grip fabric, the straight cut leg stays in place even without silicone. And for splashes of water caused by wet roads or light rain, the exterior of the shorts has been subjected to an extremely effective DWR (Durable Water Resistant) water-repellent treatment.

The Dottore Clima shorts are available in sizes from XS to XXL and in the colors Black and Navy.


The Adventure Equipment Collection features garments designed for the most adventurous cycling pursuits off the beaten track and trail, in all weather conditions.
A collection inspired by the outdoors, a compact range of items that offer comfort, protection and support: they detect the outdoor climate and regulate the indoor microclimate for better thermoregulation.
A collection designed for the globetrotter, oriented towards unlimited functionality.
Its main features are:
– Reduced volume and lightness of garments;
– Thermoregulation;
– Protection;
– Attention to eco-sustainability: eco-sustainable E2 equipment made entirely in Italy, from recycled fabric, natural and organic fibers (organic polyamide and coffee grounds).


The Gregarius Cargo Adventure shorts are the one short for every cycling occasion, regardless of the distance or intensity of training, and are designed for the most adventurous cycling activities on all routes and in all weather conditions.
The shorts feature a new pre-molded ergonomic cut: this innovative model has a construction based on the principle of using a minimum of seams and strategically placed panels for greater pedaling support.
The shorts incorporate a modern patented design for the crotch area, designed to improve the interface between the saddle and the pad. The crotch area has been redesigned and now includes the removal of center seams that normally create pressure and discomfort when riding. The new design reproduces the contact surface of the saddle and is made with a molded fabric that adapts naturally to the different types of saddles. In addition, a cut for the genital area allows greater freedom of movement and greater comfort in the pelvic area.
Uncomfortable elastic bands and silicone straps are a thing of the past: the shorts have a patented finish on the leg band. No hot spots and less pressure on the thigh thanks to the raw cut on the lower leg that keeps the shorts in place.
The patented knit fabric, UF Knit44 ECO, has a 44-density structure (44 stitches per cm2): it provides more muscle support with a 200 g weight, is resistant and offers protection against UV rays and the sun (1, 5°C less than similar normal black fabric). Made only with 100% polyamide and elastane yarns from recycled sources.

Another important feature of the shorts is the innovative pocket system: the extra Power Mesh pockets of the Q36.5 not only offer space, but also protection. An additional function offered by the Extra Value Power Mesh™ insert present in the pocket at the height of the quadriceps is greater protection in the event of a fall: the two layers of fabric wrap against each other, reducing direct friction on the skin.

There is also an additional invisible back pocket – it is located above the lumbar support.
Lastly, the shorts include the new Super Molded pad – more anatomical, with extra padding and better moisture management and offering total support for training, competition and long distances – and a lumbar support panel: made with high-density elastic fabric with silver thread, actively acts to improve stability and alignment of the body during pedaling.

Gregarius Cargo Adventure is available in sizes from XS to 3XL, in the colors black, olive green and in the new color Sage.


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