“If I didn’t get to be, my granddaughter wouldn’t be alive”

Sofia loves judo. But the sadness caused by the more than likely loss of her dog made her pass by and go up to see her grandmother on December 13, 2020, instead of going to the gym to train. Somehow, she sought comfort in one of her favorite people. He had no idea that she was actually going to be her guardian angel.

The octogenarian, who was eating some crusts at the time, choked. Without hesitation, the young woman, who was 14 years old at the time, performed the Heimlich maneuver on her and saved her from a fatal outcome. Her heroic gesture, which downplays her importance, reached the ears of the Firefighters, who proposed her to be awarded the Silver Medal for Citizen Protection. Recognition given to him by the Junta de Castilla y León on Wednesday.

“But how could I not do it?” Sofía repeats over and over again. And in a way she’s right. She is her grandmother. She couldn’t let him drown on a damn bark. But Víctora, the other protagonist of this beautiful story, is clear that not everyone would act with that determination. What’s more, she warns that on another occasion she suffered a similar choking in her town and those who were with her did not show the same courage. “I am clear that if my granddaughter was not with me that day, she would not be alive,” she says now, smiling at her.

(More information in today’s printed edition of Diario de Burgos)



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