“I would love to be where Motagua is, my soul hurts not to be in Concacaf”

The Olimpia coach continues to remember his elimination against Atlas and continues to shoot his critics.

Peter Troglio continues to magnify the signs to the Olympiad despite getting a solid 3-1 win against Motagua, because once again he silenced his critics.

Olympiad He showed again what it means. Let them keep talking, we are waiting for you all. Here was a mistake, it seemed that we came to this classic as the worst, dead, if in the last 20 games we had lost just two and we are leading the table. Yes, we were eliminated (in Concacaf), it happens to all the teams in the world”, the Argentine coach said in the first instance after the game at Carlos Miranda de Comayagua.

And he added: “We once again demonstrated that we have a team to play in both tournaments. We caught Atlas on a bad night and we scored four goals, they caught us on a bad night and scored four against us. This is football, but we lived up to it, that’s why those who speak (press) here have no idea, no idea, about football, that’s why it’s the anger. You have to be careful with severe criticism, I believe in healthy criticism, and here there are only bad temper critics”.

Troglio admitted that he was happy after the victory over his greatest rival, doing it against “a team that has taken a step forward and left Honduran soccer very well.” The Argentine rescues that despite the elimination in the Concacaf Champions Leaguethe team was not hit, because before they had also won 4-1 against Life.

“Today we beat the quarterfinalist of the Champions of Concacaf and supposedly we are a disaster, that we are in the round of 16 and that motagua It’s a phenomenon… so we beat a phenomenon team. I have a lot of respect for motaguaIt seems like a great team to me, they have always given us battles and I congratulate them for where they are, I just think they have been quite unfair to us, “he launched Pedro Antonio.

‘El Rulo’ criticized the excessive ambition of the Catracho fan for international competition, since the coach states that apparently the fans no longer care about the local tournament, something that was a priority when he first arrived in 2019.

“For the Honduran, the local tournament no longer exists, so Honduran soccer is ‘crap’. Four years ago when I arrived the priority was the local tournament and now it is useless. We have to unite more, there are many things to improve, it is normal that you have to lose against a certain team that has a huge structure. It seems to me that we hurt ourselves from within in Honduran soccer,” he declared. Troglio.

Jerry Bengston has endorsed Troglio in the face of criticism.

To close, the Olimpia coach admitted the following: “I would love to be where he is motaguaI am honest, I would love to be in the quarterfinals (of Concacaf), my soul hurts that I am not here, but I am here and we are giving value to each game.

ABOUT THE BENGSTON FESTIVAL: “What Jerry did he doesn’t have to do, I don’t expect it, but for me it was pampering the soul.”

THE MOMENT OF BENGUCHÉ: “El Toro is a phenomenon, he is in a great moment playing in an incredible way. I’m happy for him because I know what it cost him, leaving your country and coming back… surely he’ll have one more chance and he won’t come back, so I hope he can enjoy it this time”.



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