“I don’t regret calling Gerrit Cole a cheater” – Alek Manoah

“I don’t regret calling Gerrit Cole a cheater” – Alek Manoah

Alek Manoah does not intend to back down on the comments he made about Gerrit Cole during the offseason.

Manoah claimed the Yankees ace was the biggest cheater in major league baseball.

Reporters asked him on Friday if he would like to retract his words, his response: « No not at all! »

Cole vs Manoah

As luck would have it, the two star pitchers will meet on Saturday, in the second game between the two teams this year.

Gerrit Cole has been absolutely smoldering in four starts this season. He’s tied for first in MLB in wins (5) and in the top-5 in ERA (0.95) and strikeouts (32). The Yankees right-hander even allowed himself a shutout in his last start against the Twins. There’s no doubt that Cole will once again be a favorite to win the American League’s top pitching trophy.

The same cannot be said of Alek Manoah since the start of the campaign. Whoever finished third in the Cy Young race last year is looking for himself. His earned run average is 6.98 compared to 2.24 last year. In 2022, Manoah often made it to the 7th round of work. This year, he is struggling to make it to 5th grade.

The 25-year-old pitcher seems to be having trouble with his mechanics. Indeed, his slippery ball, which was one of the best shots in major league baseball last year, does not seem to be as effective so far this season.

This year :

The previous years :

Could the dial imposed on pitchers this season be the cause of his failures?

Maybe. Alek Manoah has a big build for a pitcher, and having to work faster puts his stamina to the test.

A good chance to bounce back

There’s no doubt in my mind that the Blue Jays starter will be pumping up for this duel against Gerrit Cole.

Manoah is a very emotional guy and this kind of high intensity match is a perfect opportunity for him to start from scratch.

As if this rivalry between the two teams needed a little more fuel on the fire, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. was hit by a pitch late in Friday night’s game.

Vlad expressed his frustration with a long look at Yanks reliever Greg Weissert.

It happened on the sidelines of Vladdy’s comments about the Yankees. After all, Manoah isn’t the only Blue Jays star to have a tough time against the Yankees.

That, as you can see from the footage, didn’t sit well with veteran New York first baseman Anthony Rizzo.

In short, the table is set for this confrontation between the Toronto Blue Jays (12-8, 4th place) and the New York Yankees (12-8, 3rd place).

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