Hervé Revelli stands up for Roland Romeyer

Roland Romeyer can still count on some support in Forez. This is particularly the case of Hervé Revelli (76), emblematic player of AS Saint-Étienne who remains a regular follower of the club.

In an interview with ButFootballClubhe returns to the descent of the Greens, aiming particularly Bernard Caïazzo and finding extenuating circumstances to Roland Romeyerwhich he makes directly responsible for ASSE’s good winter transfer window and the club’s recovery in 2023: “I understand the anger of the fans, but I don’t blame them, no. To one of the two yes, I blame him for not even coming to the stadium for years. It’s a shame. But Roland Romeyer , I’ve known him for a long time. I know the love he has for this club, and I don’t forget that he helped save it at one point. He doesn’t do everything right, obviously, but the To err is human and he at least has the merit of being there, of wetting the shirt. People criticize him but he is still there, still standing. There, he has just taken over the reins and it feels good. He should have “Do it earlier, I told him. We’re going up the slope. We had a good transfer window, unlike the two previous ones which were catastrophic, and we’re reaping the benefits.

Roland was very scared and that’s what prompted him to strengthen the team. He did the right thing. Now he has to prepare for the future. He needs to surround himself with competent people. It is there, it is now. No more wasting time. There is a real reflection to be had.”

In this same interview, Hervé Revelli makes a foot call to the club and says he is ready to return to service in a role to be determined.


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