Girona and Lloret, in the MIC finals

He Girona fry and the Youth Lloret they are the great Girona protagonists of this year’s edition of the MIC. Both teams overcame two big teams in the semi-finals and tomorrow they have the final test of fire: they could proclaim themselves champions of its category in the Costa Brava international grassroots football tournament. It will be necessary, however, to wait to see what happens in the finals that will be contested on a single stage; the Municipal Stadium Palamós-Costa Brava.

The white-and-reds (U12-A) have been one of the positive surprises in Girona this edition. Friday they fell to Barça in the quarter finals in the penalty shootout (4-3) and yesterday, with a whole display of talent made in Girona, they will eliminate the Manchester United a semifinals (1-2), opening the game with a spectacular goal by Ayman before completing the first minute. Tomorrow, the crown hangs by a thread, Real Madrid (10.45am), which has just won, on penalties, at Milan (3-4).

The other outstanding team from Girona in this edition – in terms of results – has been the Youth Lloretwho will play tomorrow final against Barça (1.15pm) after beat Valencia in the semi-finals (0-1) with a goal from Izan Grande and, before that, surprise by winning at Villarreal in the penalties (4-2) in the quarter-finals.

These are just two of the many pearls of Girona pride that the tournament, which has gathered more than 7,000 participants, from a total of 344 teams, from 33 different countries, spread across the five continents. One of them, for example, is the Kindergartenwhich stayed with the taste on the tip of the tongue after lose against Atlético (1-3) in the quarter-finalsor the Bisbalenc fry that too he stayed at the doors with a thrashing by Barça (0-9). And we could continue with a long list of Girona participation that has shown its best version in the championship, also with numerous representation in the consolidation endssuch as Fornells-Quart aleví (0-6) or Celrà cadet, which lost against Team ISL (1-0).

Already today, the winners of the first were announced five ends of this 21st edition: the African Promoesport Etoiles de Mande (youth U18), the Femení Manu Lanzarote (F19 youth-cadet women, eliminating the‘Started in the semi-finals), Valencia CF (U15 cadet), Atlético de Madrid (U13 children) and RCD Espanyol (U12). Finals divided between the Palamós-Costa Brava Municipal Stadium and the Vilatenim de Figueres Stadium, which brought together a 6,000 spectators between the two stadiums.

The rest of the champions will meet tomorrow, in a day that, beyond the finals involving teams from Girona, between Real Madrid-Girona (U12-A) and Lloret-Barça (U19), will also host the duels between the Barça and Atlético de Madrid (U14 children) or a Barça-Espanyol U16 cadet.

Thus closes tomorrow the tournament that returns, once again, to put Girona and the Costa Brava in ethe international base soccer map. The results, of course, are important, and both Girona youth team and Lloret youth team hope to win today the best possible prize. But apart from that, the best prize of all is sharing values ​​like effort, perseverance and brotherhood of a passion that crosses borders: the football.


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