Football Bundesliga women: SV Meppen vs. FC Bayern – live ticker – 17th matchday – 2022/2023

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    Winner thwarts the backlog! After a nice pass from Magull, Schüller gets through on the right in the penalty area, who tries to put the ball past Sieger, but then fails from a tight angle at the goalkeeper who remains stable. Best Chance of the Game!

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    But the corner is cleared at the second post by a blue-clad one from the danger zone.

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    The leader of the table is approaching! Stanway shifts with a lot of overview to the left wing to Bühl, who accepts the leather cleanly and penetrates into the penalty area. She lays down on the incoming Lohmann in the center, but her shot is blocked by Weiss to the corner.

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    Magull’s free kick from the right half-field now finds a head from an Emslander in the center, who clears the danger zone in a high arc. There is also little about standards at Bayern.

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    Meppen is deep, but runs into the Bayern players extremely aggressively and thus forces the leaders of the table to make inaccuracies. Because of the compact standing Meppener Bayern has not been able to approach the goal for 20 minutes.

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    Bayern are now in full control again, but they are finding it increasingly difficult against opponents who are in the bottom. So Magull fails a deep pass in the direction of Schüller. Weiss is on her post and clarifies with a liberation.

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    Tactically, by the way, the actual striker Kett plays left-back today, Lohmann comes on the right offensive wing in Bayern’s 4-2-3-1 system.

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    Yellow card for Georgia Stanway (Bayern Munich)

    Punsar pokes at the downed Stanway. Stanway therefore pushes the Meppenerin twice and therefore sees the first warning of the game.

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    Again and again the Munich women go to the right side, where Hansen, Lohmann and Schüller can always be found. From there, however, they cannot get into the center and the dangerous rooms.

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    The league leaders now have more shares in the game again, but cannot achieve clear conclusions against passionately defending women from Emsland. Schüller moves to the right flank, but cannot direct the ball to Magull in the center. Meppen can easily defend the advance.

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    Maybe something goes beyond a standard at Bayern? Not really, because Bühl’s corner from the left hits the second post at Viggósdóttir, who slips the leather over the top of his head. The ball lands clearly in goal.

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    Meppen is now better in the game and even comes to ball possession phases, but end in the last third. An inaccurate pass from Punsar to Andrade is not well-timed and Hansen is able to clean up on her right-back.

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    Meppen is now making the first move! After simply losing the ball in Bayern’s build-up, the home team switched quickly: Schulte nibbled at Hansen on the left near the baseline, then didn’t hit a bad cross in the direction of the second post. But Grohs is there and fists the ball out of the danger zone.

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    Schüller with Bayern’s first tentative conclusion. Lohmann puts the ball through to Schüller on the right against low-lying and well-stacked Meppen women, but she doesn’t hit the playground cleanly from a very acute angle. In the end, the ball even lands on the side.

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    First Lohmann penetrates into the Meppen penalty area, then gets stuck on one of the many defensive legs. Stanway then finishes from a distance but gets caught by a player dressed in blue.

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    A nice pass from Bühl to the left into the penalty area in the direction of Magull, but Schulte remains stable in the duel and clarifies the tricky situation to the side.

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    As expected, Bayern immediately took control of the game and constricted Meppen in the opposing half. The Reds let the leather run well and put the opponent in order. So far, however, the Munich women have not been able to get dangerously in front of the goal.

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    The ball rolls! In sunny weather, Bayern will play in red jerseys and Meppen in blue jerseys.

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    game start

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    Compared to the previous week, Meppen coach Carin Bakhuis changes in one position: Maksuti starts in attack instead of Josten. Bayern coach Alexander Straus also made one change during the week compared to the defeat against Arsenal: Lohmann replaced Rall in the starting XI. The referee of today’s game is Kathrin Heimann.

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    Although the Munich team took the lead in the Bundesliga in a direct duel against Wolfsburg last weekend, they were beaten by Arsenal in the Champions League and were kicked out. In the league, the defensive is particularly safe: FC Bayern have not conceded a goal in any of the last five games – the table leaders want to continue this series today.

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    SV Meppen is not in good shape at the moment: Last weekend they lost 3-1 to the bottom of the table Turbine Potsdam and helped them to their first win of the season. From the last seven games, the Emsland women only got one point and slipped more and more into the relegation regions. Today is a Herculean task with FC Bayern, but then the direct duels against Bremen, Duisburg and Cologne to stay up in the league will follow in the next few weeks.

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    With a 1-0 win against VfL Wolfsburg last weekend, Bayern are now leaders in the women’s Bundesliga. SV Meppen, on the other hand, is in a relegation battle, but is ahead of MSV Duisburg because of the better goal difference and is therefore just about on a non-relegation zone. The Munich team won the first leg convincingly 3-1, and they are the clear favorites to go into the game today.

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    Hello and welcome to the 17th matchday of the women’s Bundesliga! At 1 p.m., league leaders Bayern Munich make a guest appearance at SV Meppen.

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