Fenerbahe Beko wins, Anadolu Efes bids farewell

Fenerbahe Beko defeated Anadolu Efes in the 33rd week of THY Euroleague.

Fenerbahe Beko Men’s Basketball Team hosted Anadolu Efes in the 33rd week of Turkish Airlines EuroLeague 2022-23 season. Our team was victorious 103-86 in the match played at the İlker Sports and Event Hall. Fenerbahe thus achieved its 19th victory in the Europa League.

Fenerbahe Beko Men’s Basketball Team took part in the park with 5:Nick Calathes, Nigel Hayes-Davis, Tyler Dorsey, Dyshawn Pierre ve Johnathan Motley.

The first points for Mataki came from Anadolu Efeste Will Clyburn. (0-3) Nick Calathes was the first to hit the ball for our team. (3-3) In the division where Nick Calathes continued to score, the score came to 9-7 with the contribution of Nigel Hayes-Davis. Fenerbahçe entered the TV break at 15-13th, and Tyler Dorsey and Dyshawn Pierrele effectively entered the last 1 minute of the quarter at 21-15 in the ongoing section. Our team, which maintained its scoring advantage in the continuation, completed the first half at 23-17.

In the second quarter, which started with the mutual hit of Beaubois and Dorsey, our Team got the expected contribution from Tonye Jekiri and found 32-24. In the section where we managed the passing traffic well, Fenerbahe Beko, who also got efficiency from Marko Guduric, who came from the sidelines, made the difference to double households. (34-24). Fenerbahe Beko Men’s Basketball Team, which abandoned the guest team’s attempts to become a partner in the salary of Vasilije Micicle, with a performance by Nigeln, entered the locker room with the lead of 48-40.

M’Baye and Micicle started the third quarter quickly and the guest team reduced the lead to 5 points. (50-45) Johnathan Motley and Nick Calathesle kept the lead in six divisions and the score came to 56-52. Fenerbahe Beko, who entered the TV break at 56-54, found Tyler Dorseyle 58-54 after the break. Protecting its advantage, our team entered the final stage ahead with a score of 72-64.

Fenerbahe Beko Men’s Basketball Team, who started the final period well with Dyshawn Pierre and Nigel Hayes-Davis’s baskets, went up to 14 points in the minutes when Marko Guduric and Tyler Dorsey’s fast attacks went to the finish. (97-83) Our team, which maintained its superiority until the last ball, was victorious 103-86 on the floor.

Score song:Hayes-Davis 26, Pierre 17, Dorsey 17, Calathes 14, Motley 11, Guduric 10, Jekiri 8.

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